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(Top: One of my fave music artists, Santigold, in this month’s SPIN magazine. Just saw her couple weeks ago at Houston House of Blues for my 29th birthday!! Bottom: Temporarily based in Portland, OR for 5 days. It’s the Austin of the north. Bike/pedestrian-friendly + relaxed vibe + tax-free-on-all-goods = I could totally live there. Walking with my groceries back to the hotel.)

If I had to narrow myself down as one or the other, I would classify myself as an introvert. Anybody that knows me well could probably see that. I listen rather well to folks, so I end up saying very little in conversation unless consciously directed to. I’m overall pretty quiet (at least a first) in group settings, and I tend to eat out by myself more often than I’d like to admit — I’m really ok with that though. I used to always get told that I come off  as “shy”.

Yeah ok. Maybe. But on the other hand, do you know what is strangely one of my fave parts of flying? Doing the freaking ANNOUNCEMENTS. Girrrrrrrl just give me that phone/mic thing and I will smile big and just rattle off my statements calmly and cooly. And no, I surely don’t hide behind anything. I face front and center to my audience, especially if I’m on the aircraft as the sole flight attendant. Odd right?

You speak all of the time, so in turn you essentially get used to the voice of yourself you hear in your head. Remember the first time you ever recorded yourself and thought, ‘is that what I really sound like?’.  In our training we of course practice the announcements, but it’s a jaunting experience to hear yourself amplified in an enclosed cabin. There are many flight attendants I’ve met that loathe doing that part. I’m so comfortable with my voice now; I actually used to mumble a lot more and I do less now. However, if it’s karaoke – you can’t FIND me.

Eh, I guess it’s kind of a pointless story. I miss telling those though. More mundanity + diy goodness to come.

***Side note – As I was re-reading this, I just wanted to set the record straight. I’m not socially inept or a total mute with passengers or anything. People do actually find me rather charming 😉
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