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York Pinafore Pattern by Helen’s Closet

York Pinafore front (a mix of version A + B).
York pinafore pattern pinned onto fabric
You only use 3 pattern pieces!! (Front, Back + your choice of pockets)
Bias tape out of York Pinafore fabric
Miles of bias binding.
York Pinafore back side
York Pinafore back.

The winters are generally mild here in Washington, D.C. but they last entirely too long for me! Usually, by March I’m ready to abandon my heavy coats and scarves in exchange for yummy rayons and loud hues. I scooped up 2 yards of this here-I-am orange tropical floral print that I ordered sight unseen from JoAnn Fabrics online. No regrets were necessary.

The pretty guts you don’t see include are my beloved french seams….which were a bit tough to manage because this “linen-like” fabric is quite substantial. I would probably do this again in chambray or tencel just because I like flowy things (and all the french seams)!

I’m always on the lookout for quick, yet fashionable, wins and I have seriously been eying this pattern for a while. I bought Helen’s Closet York Pinafore pattern on sale after her re-release including extended sizes (0-30 !!!). And it just so happened to coincide with the purchase of this unapologetically tropical print fabric AND a book-signing event for Wild At Home. I am currently the owner of one monstera plant (shown below) that I frankly have NO idea how I’ve been able to keep him alive for the last TWO years!! I’m thinking of getting more little greens and giving plant parenthood a real try.

York Pinafore full front view
Monstera leaves and tropical prints mixed with a little sass.

So, of course, I made a new video for this pattern! The good news is, you get to see me wearing this in my pattern review video. The bad news is, you have to see some terrible dance moves in the process.

Consider yourselves warned.

Happy sewing! xo

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