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working sleep like a job

The more I sew, the harder it gets to buy certain items off the rack. I can’t help but over-inspect clothes for defects and try to figure out how they were assembled. ¬†You would think this would turn a normal shopping day into a chore, but I actually enjoy this nitpicky process. Perhaps that is just the architect in me. In the not-so-distant past my style has never been a nudge above milk toast. Ever since I chopped all my hair off, it just feels like everyday neutrals and safe tones just won’t do. This watercolor-spattered print is proof.

[Vogue 8184, Pattern D]

Everything was going swell until Wednesday night. First comes the aches, then comes the congestion. Basically it’s been a sad party of one ever since. I figured this would be the perfect time to finally try my hand at knitting, but all my body wanted to do was sleep. I’m so over sleep at this point.

So obviously I didn’t get far, haha. But they have cute knitting tutorials on Wool and the Gang if you’d like to learn.

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