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Front (so far). Burda pattern #7351, version A.




100% cotton plaid shirting fabric + light denim.


A side-shot in the reflection.

This is yet another unfinished sewing project that I brought back from my 7 month stint Fresno, California nearly two years ago now (WOW).  In case you were sincerely wondering – NO. This was NOT my final fabric choice for this top. I purchased this fabric at Ikea in Palo Alto at super cheap so I could make a mock-up to see how the pattern fit. I hardly ever do this even though it’s always a good idea to make test garment before the final. Feel free to call me lazy.

It’s a retro-style blouse with a just slightly rounded collar and concealed button closure. What you see is exactly where I left off. I recall never completing this project because I got stuck on the directions for attaching the collar to the neckline. I just didn’t understand the way the instructions were written. I pulled this same project out a few months ago thinking a 1-year hiatus would make it simpler to understand, but no such luck. In the above pics the collar is just resting on the shirt, but I really want this shirt DONE already. I bought some fairly inexpensive fabric (that I shouldn’t have) with it in mind, so I’m going to bust out my sewing reference books and figure this out once and for all.

I just KNOW it ain’t that hard.

I can’t let this dumb pattern get the best of me any longer (!@_$%!!!*).

Alas, it will have to wait a few days of course since I won’t be home for another few days. Duty calls :/

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