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Why I’ll never be the Beyoncé of sewing + DIY


I’ve tried, really. Like for the past few years I’ve beat myself up about not being super consistent with my sewing projects and new content for this site. But truth is….

1. I’ve got a job that requires mucho travel
2. When I am home I often just want to take off my bra, watch an episode of The New Girl, and just exist in one place on the bed.
3. Sometimes I just don’t feel motivated (ie. I don’t want to touch my sewing machine)
4. I told you all upfront – I am a LAZY perfectionist
5. I have 24 hrs in my day, but I’m very much convinced Beyoncé has at least 48

I have to come to grips with the fact that I’m not the long lost overseas member of the By Hand London sewing babe clan and frankly will never be. I do, however, sew really cool stuff sometimes. I’m also really bad about creating/following through with new DIY tutorials. I don’t know why I’m that way and other folks can seem to churn them out like it ain’t no thang, but I’m just tired of stressing out about it all.

Stressing out to the point that I really considered just shutting down my blog altogether.

I won’t though. (You can thank my mama for that)

I’m saying all this to get it off my chest. I’m saying all of this because I’m the type of young woman that always puts undo pressure on herself. I just want to be wonderful and on-top-of-it-all on everything I do – I always have. I partly feel like my job as a flight attendant is an awesome opportunity, yet a dead-end and several notches below my degree. And I just wanted something to supplement my creative talents (such as this blog) and I feel like it’s just another thing I’m failing to follow through with.

There. I said it.

But it needs to be said. And I’m saying all of this because maybe someone feels something similar. And no one says things or admits things like that. Not aloud they don’t.

And frankly, my job is just fine. And my degree is an accomplishment I’ll never forget. And at the end of the day, I just need to relax and give myself a break!

So. The blog goes on. But I have no idea when or how often I’ll be posting. You never know you guys. I could totally do it up Bey-style one of these days and drop 7 new DIY videos in one day when you’d least expect it.


And just know I may post about randomness not related to DIY stuff at all. Sometimes I just wanna say a few words about my hair, lol. I mean, it’s my little space that I pay a small yearly fee on the internet for.

And that’s just that. xo

P.S.– Unfortunately, I’m unable to disable the comments for this post on my blogging app. But please, do not write any comments on this entry. Just really wanted to put my thoughts out there. I appreciate it, thanks!

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