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when i watch PAN AM i think of you

Since Pan Am aired I’ve had 3 different friends tell me this. Whenever anyone that I haven’t spoken to for a while asks how I am doing, it’s in a tone that is a few notches above the normal excited that I’m used to. I know they are expecting unbelievable stories of unruly passengers and extraordinarily odd situations that I don’t have to tell. I also get asked a many strange Keanu Reeves type what-would-you-do questions regarding airline protocol, and I’ve performed my “your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device” speech with the full on hand gestures for friends and family on more than one occasion. Yes, I do point with two fingers when showing the over-wing exits, and I too find myself speaking in that calm, Stepford Wife-esque flight attendant voice. I think it just comes with the job.

And it’s hard to explain how this job kinda works since I think it’s safe for most everyone to assume that I fly all the time. I would totally assume the same, however right now I’m going on day 15 without being called out for a flight (!!!) But not only is this a slower time for travel, that’s just what happens sometimes when you are on Reserve. These positions are granted to the lowest in seniority, and you are there to take over a trip that is previously assigned to another senior flight attendant who is unable to complete the trip for whatever reason. Those of us on reserve are given a string of days (usually 4-5 in a row) that we’re on-call. My shift on these days means that I have to be available to work a flight within a 2-hour, or sometimes less, notice. This doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house, just means you should be already packed for a possible 4 day trip, not too far from the airport, and constantly tethered to your cell phone.

I’m just trying to keep it real on this blog. Let’s just say that Fresno isn’t the most happening place in California to be honest, but on days when I’m just waiting on a possible call, window shopping passes the time nicely. At least I intended on window shopping this day. Urban Outfitters had a 50% off what was already marked down sale. Couldn’t help myself.

 Urban Outfitters crochet tank, $9.99 (regularly $44)

I loved this crocheted top. No idea how I’ll wear it yet, but if I can find something that I can’t make that is unique AND an inexpensive quality find, I’m definitely all for it. I bought another similar black crochet dolman-sleeve top for equally cheap, but it didn’t photograph too well in the dressing room :/

So YAY I guess for not being called that day. Everyday I don’t know what to think of this job. My roommates and I have this discussion somedays after we’ve wasted an entire day watching reality tv shows on a reserve day. I’m out here and I’ve got nothing figured out. But I have to constantly remind myself that these are probably some of the moments that ‘fond days’ are made of.





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