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wear it out







Perhaps a captured moment of bliss.
Or maybe the sun was in my eyes.

The headband I’m wearing is actually one that I stole from my mother. The print is absolutely beautiful. She says she made it out of some scrap fabric years and years ago, so somehow it just feels extra special. Especially since I don’t remember her touching a sewing machine past my second grade year of elementary school. Next add a self-made blouse, a darling necklace with a Singer sewing machine charm (YES, you read correctly) given to me by my best friend for my 30th, and a yellow clutch gifted to me by a dear friend from Francesca’s Collections.

It’s definitely feeling personal.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July! I finished my trip that afternoon and fell asleep early to the sound of enthusiastic kiddos and far away fireworks. I totally missed out on all celebrations, food and firework displays. Believe me, I was just happy to be at home!

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