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My life is about to be split between three cities. My car and most of my personal belongings are currently in Houston. My transfer (job/base) is now in Seattle beginning tomorrow. My significant other and our future apartment together (that has yet to be found) is settled in San Diego right this moment. I will be traveling as usual for work, since that’s what my job ultimately requires me to do. But between my usual scheduled trips for work, I will be an exhausted blurry figure pulling a large carry-on between So-Cal, the Northwest and the Dirty South.

I’m extremely excited and yet I have NO idea what I’m doing. So that naturally also makes me terrified of this entire situation. I have no real ties or connections in Seattle, so I am going to be flying in the day before my trips begin starting on Monday, staying in a hostel to save money, and beginning my trips the following day. The operation in the Northwest is very very different and I’ll be training on a brand new plane in the fleet in Utah as well this month. It’s almost like working for a completely different company. So that’s not stressful at all.

San Diego though. I visited last weekend and it’s probably more perfect than I ever recall it. Me and that guy walked the coastline from Pacific Beach to Mission Beach exchanging words, smiles and mutual awe of our potential surroundings. It was oddly overcast when I went so we laid on the bare sand threw the blanket over us to keep warm from the ocean breezes. Tacos are basically my favorite food, and all I hear is that they have the best ever and I can’t wait to eat them all. Or at least die a happy girl trying. It’s the beginning of a lifestyle I could definitely get accustomed to. 

This. ALL OF THIS has been a long time coming. Leaving home yet again, but I’m kind of really hoping it’s for good this time. I’ve been just too scattered to sew things, make or complete any new videos or do any worthwhile updating on this little space of mine. Frankly I’m all out of sorrys – it’s just life and new adjustments! I went to Amsterdam at the end of May and turned 32 in June, but I just haven’t put the effort into sharing on any of my social media. I’ve made amends with myself that it’s probably going to be one of my last “fun” trips in a while. I’ve just been a little self absorbed with myself and all of the new changes I’m trying to gracefully accept and deal with. 

I know this is boring, you guys. Promise to bore you more next time though. Enjoy your holiday weekends!

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