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So this was my outfit to the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin (sans black heels and black cropped leggings).
Black jersey-knit diy circle scarf (made with 1.5 yards fabric) + Project Runway Simplicity pattern #2622

You may recognize Mood Fabrics if you’ve ever tuned into any season of Project Runway. It’s their go-to fabric store for the projects they make on the show. In both sewing classes I’ve ever taken in the fashion program, BOTH times I had a class fabric twin. I vowed to never again purchase fabric local again for a competition or major class project. A couple of months ago I decided to browse Mood Fabrics online, and I fell in love with this jersey fabric and I ordered a swatch. I’m definitely going for bold colors and big print this summer!

A few things about ordering fabric swatches:

  • If you ever order fabric online ALWAYS order a swatch first!! If you are like me and just have a basic knowledge of fabrics and types, ordering a swatch lets you get an idea of fabric thickness, how it feels, and color.

  • Just as when deciding on a shade of lipstick or a paint color for a room, make sure to put the swatch against your skin in indoor lighting and outdoor lighting to see how and if it works with your skin-tone.

  • Pictures are provided for you online, but the colors you see on your screen may be very different from what you get.

  • If ordering a printed fabric, most online fabric retailers will take a photo of the fabric with a quarter on it. This gives you a better idea of what size your graphic print will be as compared to something you already know the size of (ex. a coin). But remember, this just gives you an idea what you are getting. Paying 75 cents for a swatch now can save you hefty bucks later.

Needless to say, I was happy with it. I ordered 1.5 yards to make a bright and summer lovin’ tunic.

Next project is a high waisted skirt…….I think (?)

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