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sometimes home is a temporary place

1. I love Pho. If I have enough time, I always try to find the best soup in town. (Khai Hoan Restaurant, Tempe, AZ)
2. Baby portabello mushroom-swiss burger with avocado from Ruby Tuesdays (Phoenix, AZ)
3. My “home” this past week  in Arizona
4. H&M (Scottsdale, AZ)
5. Superbly cheap fabric store with material + notions GALORE (SAS Fabric by the Pound, Phoenix, AZ)
6. My uniform these last two days. It feels like summer here already <3

There’s home and then there’s HOME home. There’s definitely a difference. Home is where your current rent or mortgage is. It’s usually within driving distance of your workplace and the familiar places you automatically assume partial possession of in casual conversation (ie. MY neighborhood grocery store, MY bank, etc). However, oftentimes HOME home is where the parents still live, the spot on the map that has personal landmarks that may or may not exist anymore, and the area that you could probably still give halfway decent directions for after a long absence. It’s the place that would immediately pop into your mind if a stranger asked you where you were from originally. To me, that’s HOME home.

And that’s exactly where I’m moving back to. I put in my transfer for Houston effective for the beginning of March. Since this is my last month in Fresno, these last few weeks has consisted of flying to Houston on my days off to slowly bring the bulk of my belongings back and saying my goodbyes to my roommates and co-workers 🙁  As fate would have it, my job decided to temporarily base me in Phoenix for a week since they needed extra reserve flight attendants on-call there. I opted to drive since it’s on my way back to Houston.

So I’ve been living in Phoenix for nearly a week, and I haven’t been called out to work once! Fresno is 9.5 hours behind me and Houston is about 17 hours ahead of me. I couldn’t spout off the zipcode I live in right now to save my life, but my car is housing all of my familiar things. I’ve be wearing out and the GPS on my iphone all week, but day by day my surroundings look less and less strange to me. It is kind of lonely to be in a new city by yourself for a week, but I entertain myself extremely well. If I can find good food, an excellent fabric store, and great shopping (I haven’t been to an H&M in years!!) I am right at home!

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