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silky tunic/dress pattern

Left: My rolled hem job – slick!
Right: New Look pattern 6051, tunic/dress (neckline from version A, waist-tie from version B)

I just so happened to get a Saturday or two off this month. This rarely happens to me since I consider them usually my Mondays. The Wednesday before my unusual day off, one of my oldest pals (I’ve known her since kindergarten) invited me out to her husband’s 30th birthday. Required attire was more dressy than casual. Hundreds of clothes, but nothing to wear.

I’m at the point now that if I have the option (i.e., the TIME) to make a nice new outfit over purchasing one, I’d rather make it myself. It’s not a hard pattern per se, but I was a little nervous to sew on a material so slippery. Apparently I worry too much. Wasn’t so bad! Especially since I opted to do a rolled hem with my overlock machine than painstakingly double-turn hemming the edges as the pattern suggested doing.

Forgive my laziness. You will have to use your imagination here since I didn’t take any pictures that night. The tunic/dress hit me about 6 inches above my knees, so I decided to wear thin cut-off black leggings + jet black suede-like wedges from Target. Was very chic, relaxed and sophisticated. I got a few compliments which made me feel good, but I didn’t bother to tell anyone I made it myself.

Oh, and one more thing here. If you decide to make this, just be sure to pick a fabric that is nearly impossible to tell the right-side from the wrong-side. I’m so very glad I did (on accident), because the wrong-side of the fabric is revealed a lot underneath the arm holes. I guarantee you it will look a HOT mess otherwise. Just sayin’ friends.

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