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sans fireworks

1. Taking a peek into the Dress Shop boutique on Congress Ave. in Austin, TX. 
2. Wandering around downtown Austin in search for grub. Stumbled upon a few gems in this historic downtown building. 
3. Fresh garnishes sitting atop the bar at Swift’s Attic. Waiting for my to-go order. 
4. Doggie bag 

I don’t mind working holidays. I usually work them all, and if you are considering travel by plane it’s actually the best of days to fly. Traveling standby to Hawaii on Christmas day is a simple undertaking from what I hear. I wasn’t scheduled to report to the airport on Independence day until 8pm for a quick flight to Austin. From Houston that flight is approximately 24 minutes in the air. Definitely beats the 4-hour drive.

I thought for sure I would see a few colored lights grace the air, but unfortunately we landed just in time for the shows in downtown Austin to end. Traffic was horrible getting back to the hotel, but it was kinda nice to see the city so alive with young + old folks trampling over the city. So many smiling faces.

We didn’t all miss the festivities though. Although I totally missed out, the passengers tell me that Houston had such a wonderful firework display and apparently we flew over a few hot spots on the way to Austin. It’s not often do you look down for a fireworks show.

In other news, not only does Martha Stewart dig my DIY shorts, I have also decided to get with the cool kids and join Pinterest. Feel free to follow, and please leave your username so I can follow back.

I can totally see how this could get addicting!

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