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stearns wharf

Santa Barbara was probably my most enjoyable layover yet. Best weather ever, an amazing British-owned fish + chips spot along State St., and lots of people biking and walking around enjoying the Labor Day weekend. The hotel we stayed was only 4 miles from the coast, and they had free bikes for us to ride in exchange for our room keys.

The ride to Stearns Wharf with was pretty easy since most of the journey was a downhill ride, but the ride back was a major shock to the thighs. The Captain was nice enough to trade bikes with me since my chain came off twice, and once I had to do a serious Flinstones-like stop to prevent myself from careening into pedestrians or a busy street. ¬†I also had to swerve extremely quick to avoid a van that flung open its driver’s side door as I was speeding by. ¬†Despite the perils, it is definitely a layover I look forward to again soon if I get so lucky. I hope to take more pics next time too!

*** I’ve been getting many emails lately asking about the DIYraven shop link and if I am still selling clutches online. Unfortunately right now the answer is No. I appreciate your inquiries, but currently at this time I don’t know when I will reopen the shop. I will definitely keep everyone posted!! ***



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