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one sleeve + a collar


A “selfie” shot.  I really loathe that term.




Missing a sleeve, buttons, and a lower hem BUT this is as far as I’m willing to go for a practice top.


A much needed quick sew project – McCalls 6128 racerback tank pattern.

My little heart has been set on a button-down shirt with sleeves and a collar.  No real reason that I know of since both of those last mentioned elements are sweat-inducing in July. I rarely make clothes with sleeves anymore. Setting in sleeves in a garment is not one of the sexier moments in sewing — it can be a pain. I haven’t set in a sleeve since my brief stint in fashion school, but this one-armed tester piece has restored some of my confidence. Maybe it ain’t so bad.

You see the pics above and I’m sure you assume my next move is to grab the “good” fabric and get to work, right?

Not so much.

It’s actually quite snug. Not like oh-this-is-form-fitting-and-kinda-sexy-for-a-button-down-YASSSSSSSS snug. More like too too tight around the bust, fitting oddly somehow in the back, and perhaps if I had another sleeve attached then clapping my hands would become a problem. If I took shallow breaths all day and didn’t have to move, I think it would totally be okay.

Obviously that means two things:
1. Seriously glad that I took the time to make a practice before I started on the final after all, and
2. If I want to make this top work I MUST ALTER THE ORIGINAL PATTERN.

Ugh. I may just leave #2 alone. Now true enough, I could possibly just take it a size up, but I’m not that seriously in love with this pattern to take the time to figure out how to fix it in the least. I JUST finally figured out the collar part! Which didn’t turn out to be a big deal. I actually have another pattern in mind to tweak if necessary to get what I want. So til then I guess.

But in the meantime, I had to finish something over my days off. Hence the quickie project.

And I know I don’t mention this enough, but a serious THANK YOU to all you awesome folks who write encouraging notes below!! I at least owe you guys a picture of some mountains or a beach. I’ve been totally slacking on my “fun” travel lately.

Low funds = NO funs.

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