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not winning any awards on apartment therapy


workspace1New workspace setup in my living room.

It’s almost amazing what a little rearranging will do. I originally had these two tables set up in my bedroom side by side linearly with both sewing machines. It looked slick, yet highly inefficient for me. I HATED going in my bedroom to sew. I didn’t have as much natural light + having the tables longways didn’t make for a helpful fabric-laying surface. I was still cutting and laying my fabrics + patterns on the floor. It’s such an annoyance to crawl around on the floor, hunch over to cut pieces, and it absolutely KILLS my knees!

I was trying really hard to keep my living room space a pure living room space. Just couch, coffee table, tv, a few books on the shelves so when people come over they know I be readin’. People over? I hardly ever have people over. And secondly, it’s MY living room space and I was doing a horrible job living up to the room’s name.

I’ll admit, it’s a bit of an eyesore in the room. But me actually feeling motivated and happy to work on a sewing project is absolutely priceless. Not like I’m ever really excited about going to work ever, but I am so extremely sad that I will be leaving my awesome home workspace for the next few days….I just enjoy working away now so much more!

peplum pre1Peplum top drafting. Using Vogue Easy Options pattern #8184 for the top + creating my own pattern for the peplum lower half.

peplum pre2

peplum pre3Good thing I made a practice first. The top will fit perfect, but that flared “peplum” bottom obviously needs work!

I’m really super obsessed with this neon yellow trend going around. I wanted to make a fabulous tube style dress with a flared bottom in the color for the summer, but when I went to the fabric store the only had one bolt of a loud (not neon) yellow. AND it was only 1 3/8 yards left on the bolt. Down, but not out, I gladly took it home and decided that although I couldn’t make an entire dress, I could probably pull off a peplum tube top. (The yellow fabric is shown on the table in the first two photos)

I gotta stop here. I have to wake up super early for work + unfortunately I’ll have to wait 4 whole days until I can tackle this project again *shaking fist*

Till next time kids.

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