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next life chapter: flight

I made mention before that I had a job interview coming up that I needed to make a skirt for.  Cutting right to the chase – I got the position! I leave Houston the middle of next month for roughly 30 days of Flight Attendant training! I have been wanting to travel for the longest time, and I’ve been here in Texas for so long that I almost couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I just don’t feel like I can stay still any longer. The idea of being thrown from city to city and meeting new people everyday sounds like the fresh air that my life really needs right now. Needless to say, I AM VERY EXCITED (!!!!)

(Left) High-waisted skirt pattern, Burda Style Magazine, February 2011 issue

Most of my interview outfit and accessories were self-made. I made a classic high-waisted skirt in navy. I chose gabardine as my fabric since it’s a durable material commonly used to make suits and uniforms. Of course I had to carry the Reiko-Red clutch since it matched my lipstick hue perfectly. I also wanted to add a scarf to my ensemble to really look the part and add professional flair to my faux flight attendant uniform. JoAnn Fabrics had the perfect chiffon fabric in navy with white dots to make a simple rectangular neck-tie accessory. I sewed the fabric by hand using the running stitch, turned it inside out, and lastly mended the gap closed using the slip stitch.

(Left) View of finished skirt back. (Right) View of skirt facing and inner lining.

Wearing panty-hose is definitely something I’ll have to get used to!

I would’ve never imagined doing this when I graduated from Architecture school in 2006. However, I hadn’t imagined that I’d be laid off at the end of 2009 either. I never put much stock into the ‘love’ thing, but I always had set-in-stone career plans for my life. This job is such a far leap from my original path, but my “career hiatus” has allowed me to be a lot of things. It has allowed me to be angry and feel lost, then relax, and start exploring options and experience pieces of life that I wouldn’t have if I were still living my life part-time in my cubicle drafting plans on the computer all day. I honestly probably wouldn’t have even started blogging seriously, and I discovered that I could parlay my talents from building construction to garment construction. After just taking two sewing courses over the span of two semesters at my local community college, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot and I found that I truly enjoy it!

I guess I say all of this to say that it’s nice to have plans for your life, but realize that shit happens and always remember to be open to something completely different. You just may find that you’ll be happier.

Besides, if I so choose, I still have my whole life to be an Architect.

P.S.– I hope you all of you mothers, god-mothers, and fathers that have to be both parents out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day and were spoiled beyond belief. My mother is my best friend and from the crib she has always supported even my wildest dreams. Mama, I know you’re reading and that you will be especially glued to my blog when I’m away. I love you to pieces + I can’t thank you enough for everything 🙂
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