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myabi sushi: seattle, wa

Landing in Seattle is the most gorgeous staring-out-the-window-as-you-land experience I’ve had thus far. Sitting in the jump-seat doesn’t exactly offer you the best window views, but I leaned my upper body as far as possibly able to catch the good glimpses. For starters, when it comes to visiting a new place, I have no shame. Second, most people are either sleep or craning their necks to do the same in their nearest windows, so I’m sure no one is paying me and my jump-seat acrobatics much mind anyways.

So there were a few hiccups in the series of flights that day. Major delays caused by mechanical issues in the morning, a passenger that almost delayed us because he was so scared to fly that he refused to take his seat unless he talked to the flight deck first, and the Captain having to ditch us last minute on the next flight because he was extremely ill. We had to wait almost two hours for another Pilot to show for the remaining legs.

All the delays shortened my Seattle layover for a few hours, but I managed to find a decent sushi place in walking distance from my hotel.  On Yelp the reviews got 4 stars overall.  I was pretty skeptical at first because it was located in an odd strip center next to a Half-Price books, but the ambiance inside was so fun, cozy and bright. Not to mention the food and service were most excellent!  It was definitely one of those spots that take you by surprise and such a great way to end a 12-hour day.

Well, gotta go take a quick nap now. About to start my road-trip tonight to officially move my car to California in a few short hours. It’ll take about twelve hours just to get to El Paso from Houston….UGH!!  Texas is just too big.

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