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mama needed a break!




coastersfin21. One of the patterns I picked up on sale these last few days. Along with Simplicity 1590, 1425, 1426, 1607, S0507, and 1666. But this is the first one I plan to work on ASAP for my preggo bestie that is due in 3 weeks.
Who doesn’t love 5 patterns for $5 sales?

2. Finally assembled this FREE bed set that I scored from a flight attendant pal who’s moving back to San Fran soon. She just wanted to be rid of it. It’s been sitting in my room in pieces since early December.

3. I’ve been on a real serious no sugar/no alcohol kick lately. Went strong for a solid 40-something days (lent style)
Watermelon margarita though? Ummm…………

4. My fav restaurant/bar in Sasebo, Japan that I’ve visited many times has these unique handmade fabric coasters for guests, and this gave me the idea to make a set for my own place. I have so much scrap fabric saved AND I needed coasters for my coffee table. To me, coasters never seem worth it to buy no matter how inexpensive they are.  I made these and are so very happy with them. AND I HAVE AN EASY TUTORIAL FOR YOU THAT IS SCHEDULED TO POST IN A FEW DAYS!!!!! That’s right. I’m giving you a cute and real-life use for your scrap fabrics.
You. Are. Welcome.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII have been working so darn much. Like basically ever since I’ve come back from Japan again (a few days before Christmas) I’ve been hardly getting a real 2 days at home. And these past few weeks I’ve been working out of Minneapolis, so every freezing cold small town you can think of (Brainerd, MN or Williston, ND or South Bend, IN just to name a few) I was being thrown to. This go-go-go had really been catching up with me. Tired all the time and just slower-than-usual getting back to people that I care about. But I’ve just had 6 glorious days of peace at home and on the ground!! I’m feeling so much better again, and hopefully I can focus more next month on the things that I enjoy at home.

I’m starting a 4-day trip tomorrow, but I definitely am looking forward to updating and sewing more. First up, this scrap fabric coasters tutorial in a few days. I promise!


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