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living like a rolling stone

I’ve been mum for a long while. Much has happened.

I spent 28 days in Utah for Flight Attendant training. I’d never been away from home that long, but I wasn’t homesick for anything but my laptop, BlueBell Homemade Vanilla ice cream, and a restaurant chain or two Salt Lake City lacked. They definitely weren’t short on mountains though. Coming from a place where all things are hot, humid, and flat, my eyes couldn’t get enough of these natural skyscrapers.  It was mid-June they were still snow-capped.

The entire class stayed in a hotel the duration of training and we were shuttled to the hanger each morning for more instruction. The commute was too short for a last minute nap, but just long enough to never fully learn the twists and turns to get there. This shot is taken on about day 19 on the earlier shuttle, another beautiful morning, while I sat quiet and rest-broken in the back. I took this pic (above) on my phone.

* * *

So let’s fast forward this a bit – I got my wings mid July *YAY*
Here’s a few of us newbie FAs posing outside on the concrete sign at the hangar. The pic has that kinda polaroid throw-back 70’s flight attendant flavor that’s kinda cool I think. The afro puff probably helps to set that off.

So they let me come home for about a week before setting off to my new domicile, i.e. “home” – Fresno, California.

OH and I also gained nearly 10 pounds while I was gone!! Which I suppose happens when you eat sweets around the clock and mostly microwavable food products with the occasional dinner out for about a month. Despite how I gained the weight, the additional poundage was definitely welcome.

Light reading on the flight to my new domicile.

Yes. Those are coffee straws in my cup of Ramen. When you don’t have the amenities you’re used to readily available like a fridge, microwave, nor home, you forget about those simple things like FORKS and spoons. First night (of many) of my hotel living, I made soup with the hot water from the coffee maker and took the straws to use as “chopsticks”. As clever as I thought I was, this was seriously a sad sight in practice. Now I steal plastic-wear, extra napkins, and condiments everywhere I go. Always.

I was pretty sad to leave my neighborhood JoAnns in Houston since all the old ladies knew me so well there. But low and behold they have a JoAnn’s SUPER STORE here in Fresno!!!!! There is no one here that I know that I can share how extremely excited I am about this!! I can’t wait to finally get settled and get back into my DIY-ing groove again.

This is the hotel I stayed at on layover for my first 3-day trip. This is in Palm Springs, CA and the accommodations were amazing! The second night I arrived in Calgary, Canada at 10 pm on an extremely short layover (only 9 hours). Literally barely enough time to sleep, but my first international experience none-the-less!!

Everyday hotel living in Fresno, CA……Believe me, I’ve been catching up on my blog reading!

My two bags (i.e. my entire life) are pictured on the left. This is not even a third of all of our luggage!! You should see us every time we have to move hotels and/or rooms in establishments without an elevator! 

So there are roughly 12 newbie flight attendants that were transferred here to Fresno. About 5 of us have joined forces to find a place and live together. 3 out of 5 of us have cars here. We have all arrived at different times after completing our in-flight training flights and were all given four moving days (read: 3 free hotel nights) each. After your moving days are spent, you are officially on-call as a reserve flight attendant. SO we have been piggy-backing on each others nights until we finally hear back from the apartment we are applying for. Unfortunately, due to poor planning and some of us getting called out and unable to activate our days, we’ve had to pay out-of-pocket for some of our hotel days. We’ve been piling up 3-4 in a room at a time, while some of us get called out to work. It’s been so erratic and we are all getting low on funds. I’m so tired of travel-size products and eating out ALL the time. You really gain a newfound respect for left-overs…..I.miss.them.

So. As of this moment I’m homeless in a strange city and quickly going broke. I really don’t know how I’m going to get my car here yet. My mom is worried for me and wants me to transfer back to Houston, but there is NO way I’m doing that. I’m quite restless and stressed out, but I’m sincerely having a blast. I definitely wouldn’t trade this time in my life for the world.

More soon.


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