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lady bug costume (sneak peek)

1. Skirt for my lady bug costume. (Simplicity costume pattern #3618)
2. Materials for my “antennas”, accessories + Forever 21 black racerback tank.

I was going to be a cave woman, but I didn’t find any fur fabrics I liked nor was I up to making a one-shoulder dress. I just wanted a simple top + a flirty skirt with a petticoat. Then I was thinking a bumble-bee, but I couldn’t find any striped black/yellow fabric. I was madly disappointed until I saw the black felted spots on red taffeta. SOLD.

I underestimated the length of lace I needed, so you may be able to tell in the first pic that the skirt is lacking lace on the left side! It’s all corrected now, but I’m headed to a haunted house/pub crawl tonight with my friends that I haven’t seen in F O R E V E R.

Very excited…..but need to get ready in about an hour! But I’ll have pics up soon! Bye!


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