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It’s been an amazing experience thus far being in California and living in an apartment full of new flight attendants. We finally stopped hotel-hopping and planted ourselves in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment. Right now there are 7 of us living here at the moment, and two girls will be transferring to Houston at the end of this month.

With seven folks and only two bathrooms, you would think there would be tempers flaring at every turn and not enough hot water for a shower…..IF you would be lucky enough to get one at all. But in real life, there are usually no more than 4 of us here at one time. We have absolutely no furniture besides a television, and instead of sleeping in one of the bedrooms, we lay out our Walmart pillows and blankets and camp out together in the living room like every night is a slumber party. In between travels at our apartment, we just stay up late laughing about odd passenger encounters and our newbie blunders and mishaps that happened whilst on our trips.

So far, the last two days I’ve been here alone. I admit, the quiet has been really nice. Tomorrow I leave for a 3-day trip to Seattle, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Being away from home means that I’m away from all my usual life staples, i.e. my car, sewing machine, and fabrics. I do miss my car lots, but it has been over 2 months since I’ve created anything. I’ve been seriously going through some DIYing-type withdrawals in my downtime.

I finally visited the JoAnn Superstore and picked up some embroidery thread. I’ve been eying the DIY Friendship Bracelet tutorial on the Honestly…WTF blog for the longest time and decided to give it a try since sewing is currently not an option. If you need a small project to do – I totally recommend this! Each package of embroidery thread is only 39 cents. Other than that, you need a scissors to cut the threads and tape or a safety pin to hold it down as you make the knots. Since I’m always sitting on the floor, I just attached it to the thigh part of my jeans.

This is definitely something that I can easily take with me to do on my layovers to pass the time if I need. I may eventually make a longer one….wouldn’t be so bad as a belt, eh?



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