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knock-offs and designer impostors

Good LAWD does anyone remember those awful Designer Impostor deodorant body sprays? Those were all the rage in my middle school back in the day. After gym class, the ladies locker-room ALWAYS reeked of a funk, Vanilla Fields, and wanna-be Tommy Girl perfume medley.

But actually that outdated subject brings me to this bag. I’m sure it’s official – American Apparel hates me. I knocked off their medium leather carry-all pouch too. I picked up a plum faux snake-skin-like fabric from JoAnn to make this simple clutch.

Check out the simple tutorial on Style Scrapbook’s blog to make your own. I added a lining on the inside to make it extra fancy.

In my defense, technically AA is knocking off the ‘pencil bag’. Right?

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