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McCall’s 6325 Misses top pattern, Version C

On the subject of sewing, I’ve heard only too often about a downright fear upon learning or beginning. It also seems common to have been gifted a machine once upon a time, only to finally take it out of its box years later. I possess partial ownership in this story too. I think it took nearly 5 years before I actually made the real effort to open the manual and give it a whirl. I’m so glad I did.

I’ve made a few things this past year, but since taking on this job I haven’t truly made any real clothes for myself. I can put blame on not having the time, but that’s just excuse territory. It’s more like a whole lotta lazy mixed with those old feelings of fear again. I’ve done a dress with a million pieces before, so what could I possibly be afraid of right? I’m a lazy perfectionist. That means that I will tear the idea of a project apart before I even begin AND THEN use the possibility of failure as an opportunity to not start (or finish) a project at all. That’s lame. I’m so over this.

I bought this printed fabric together with this pattern over a year ago with the intention of making this exact top. It has taken me a bit over a month to finish in between trips, but I’ve been absolutely DETERMINED to see this project through whether it turned out beautifully or not. I was sooooo dreading doing the buttonholes and matching them up correctly with the buttons, haha, but it wasn’t bad at all! I swear I’m so hard on myself and worry about nothing most times. I’m crazy happy how this turned out + I’m actually looking forward to the next project for once!

Project beginnings. Cutting lining + outer fabric pieces.

In mid strut, haha.

Also, be sure to check out Jade of the blog ‘These Days’ for her awesome + easy-to-follow DIY shorts video tutorial. She actually uses the exact same fabric print that I’ve used for my top.


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