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i’ve come too far to turn back now

Post-wedding shot (hence the wrinkles)

Any procrastinating perfectionist knows that feeling of overwhelmed spiked with dread when you are still working on a project in the wee hours. You know. So late and so tired that you start counting the hours you have remaining on your fingers like a 6-year-old tackling their first math problem. That was me. So much so that after a while I put down my undone dress and started looking in my closet for a possible last minute ‘this-will-do’ alternative.

But this playa wasn’t going out like that.

It was a brief night of rest, but I am SO happy that I pressed on! I finished the dress on time, it fit perfectly, and it was very very well received. I looked more than ready for a gorgeous noon wedding with short ceremony and long reception – EXACTLY the way it should be!

The dress looks more pink in these photos while in my last post it looked more red. I swear when you see this garment in a certain light it looks more coral/hot-sherbert like. I just can’t get enough of the folded one-shoulder detailing.

Me posed with the DJ and emcee of the wedding, more popularly known as the Mad Hatta, from the Houston radio station  97.9 the Box

Because I only had about 10 days before the event and there were a thousand pieces to this pattern, I didn’t bother to do a mock-up in muslin fabric to make sure it would fit properly. I did however look up this pattern on Pattern Review first. I highly recommend this site if you are about to start a new project and you’d like to see if others recommend the pattern, if the pattern is true-to-size for most folks, and each user usually submits their shots of their final outcome.

Adrienne commented on my last post that she made the same dress (see her review here) and little does she know that actually her review was one of the ones helped me decide to go for it! So thanks!

As much as I’m happy with the turnout, I will never do this pattern again IN LIFE.


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