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it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood



There’s something very Mister Rogers about wearing a uniform. I don’t sing into a camera, but I tend to put on each piece of my monkey-suit at a glacial pace. Since I always sport the unisex (old man) cardigan option, I’m almost sure that’s what really sets the vibe off. But I guess even that fella had different color cardigans and sneakers to wear. I just woke up feeling like I was not in the mood for anything. Most especially work. I figured since I had hours upon hours to kill before I started my next trip, I’d do the responsible thing and get new shoes, pantyhose, and watch for work. Hello Target.

But even though you get the new shoes, doesn’t matter which style, somehow it’s the same shoe. Replaced the white watch I had (that I spilled scalding hot coffee all over on my last trip) with one with a mauve band and glitzy face. Panty hose….don’t get me started! Although mundane, poppin’ tags on new merchandise never gets old. Somehow working 3 flights today doesn’t feel so unappealing.

Well. Gotta start getting ready now.


Have a splendid weekend you guys!

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