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 1. YES! Those are indeed (baby) dreadlocks – nearly 7 months in!
NO. That is NOT armpit hair.
2. Fabric I scored back in June from JoAnn fabrics via their small ethnic collection.
They had me at hot pink + gold detailing.
3. I hate making bias tape, but I hate the look of stiff store-bought bias tape on
beautiful fabric even more. The struggle is always worth it.
4. Business in the front. Party in the back.
5. As pointed out by a male friend via my Instagram upload of this photo, it totally
looks like I’m pissing on the wall.  Artsy polaroid attempt ruined.

As always, I intended to make this top in time for the appropriate season. Luckily (or not so luckily) Texas doesn’t really have seasons.  So although other places in the United States are making their transition into Fall, we are still busy in the South either getting our tan on or dodging raindrops. Basically, this top is super perfect for the now. Big half-moon window in the back and all.

Allow me give more credit to the backside of this pattern – this. back. is. absolutely. SICK.

That detail alone makes the top for me.
Oh. This is McCalls pattern #6702, version A.
If you aren’t traveling a lot for work or in the middle of a major move, it should be a relatively quick sew? A few focused evenings and it should be knocked out. It’s labeled as Easy, so it definitely wasn’t terrible.

And yeah. Go ahead and scroll up to revisit the last pic again. It totally does look like I’m relieving myself on the wall, doesn’t it!??


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