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Zara blouse – $59.90, Mac lipstick – $14.50, Warehouse bag – $65.86, Melanie Favreau chevron earrings – $60.00 

Being a flight attendant is the equivalent of being a broke Rockstar. Do you know how many times I flew into LA this last week? About 7. Who does that stuff besides Kim Kardashian? Yeah, but I also collect trash at 35,000 feet in the air and literally make HALF of what I was making at the design firm as an architect intern. And how many days have I worked this month so far?  A whopping 9 days. I am still sleeping on the floor, but when I do travel I stay in some pretty alright places (Carlsbad, CA was P-I-M-P). So that means I’ve slept in a bed 9 days of 24 so far in September.

And in my spare moments I look at all the pretty clothes that I want and obviously can’t afford and don’t have the resources right now to make. But on the plus side, I’m finally starting to get through the ‘I-freaking-LOATHE-this’ phase and getting used to the pace of my job. With some of my free time between trips and on layovers, I’ve been doing some reading and got some design ideas in the works. So don’t give up on me just yet guys, I’m just trying to find a balance. So here’s to embracing the adventure where poverty meets glam.

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