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I go into the occasional serious sewing slump, but I’ve been on really great terms with my sewing machine as of late. A really really late night together and a couple all-day dates last week. A spat here and there of course, but for the most part we’ve been getting along just fine. I think more and more this job may be coming between us.

Kansas City + back yesterday. Toronto + back today. Early in the a.m. (technically, today) I begin a 4 day trip with layovers in Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Tampico (Mexico).

Sometimes, I just want to be at home sewing the day away.

This is fabric is actually from my personal stash, and the Simplicity 0273 pattern is one that I picked up on sale for 99 cents a couple months back. So this is pretty much feeling like a free blouse in the making. No buttons, no zippers, no extra trip to the fabric store, and only 4 pattern pieces (version B) to deal with so I couldn’t pass at the chance to make it.

The print is rather busy with this tie-neck style….but I think I’m totally okay with it. I still have facing for the sleeve openings, an issue with the neckline I gots to solve, and hemming on the bottom left to do. Hoping to get this project finished at the end of the week since I don’t come back home again until July 4th.

Ughhhhhhhhh. I have to wake up in 4 hours. Have a good week you guys.

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