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[Vogue 8688, Pattern A]

For those that know me from my other blog Lipstick&Lumber, it’s now history. Welcome to the new place. VERY excited!! I’ve got lots of clothing items in mind to make and sewing knowledge yet to share, but it’s a work in progress so please bear with me.

My first project is quite V-Day appropriate; a red dolman sleeve sweater with a wrapped collar.

Oh Valentine’s day. Bleh. Talk about the one day that all TV and radio stations should be banned from broadcasting Beyonce’s ‘All The Single Ladies’ – no one whilst in their singledom appreciates being reminded. I bought myself a small heart-shaped box of chocolates. Pathetic much? Whatever. I like chocolate just as much as the next girl, and don’t act like you’ve never bought yourself a candy bar at a grocery store!

Actually, it turned out to be a fantastic day. Not only did I finally use the ‘American Apparel’ Groupon voucher I forgot I had, Houston showed its best side yesterday. 72 degrees with a tame breeze and bright sky is a recipe for an easy drive with windows down and music up. If that’s all the love I get, I’ll take it.

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