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Ikea trip (partial) haul pictured: NISSE folding chair in pink, VIKA AMON table top (birch), VIKA LERBERG trestle legs in gray, and TERTIAL work lamp in silver.

Janome Sew Mini machine. This cute thing is NOT a toy! Awesome, affordable basic machine for the everyday with straight stitching and a few zig-zag stitches. Unfortunately, you can’t change the presser foot (read: NO button-holes, NO zippers, etc.) Interested? Check out price/video reviews here.

Car successfully moved to California? Check. Sewing machine here? Check. Sewing work area setup? CHECK!

It has been such a long while that I got all scared of my machine again. You know that I’m-scared-to-take-this-thing-outta-the-box feelings. That’s absolutely ridiculous, I know. Especially since this thing is such a little guy (only 5 lbs), and I’m acting like I’ve never sewn before in life. As much as I don’t like to admit, I think I’m just still adjusting to a new place change/job change/EVERYTHING change and living with 4 other people in one space that are doing the same.

Yeah….maybe so.

But the best way I figure to help anyone settle is to make what little space you have yours. I’m considering this Burda 7351 pattern my official warm-up project. This pattern actually requires buttons, but since my machine is limited on features, I’ll be hand-sewing snaps instead I think. I gotta save up for a heavy-duty machine!

I pretty much packed  an all-summer wardrobe here from Houston. Fall season is going to arrive sometime, and a girl desperately needs to step up her sleeve game. (Burda 7351, version A)

I founds this light-weight cotton at IKEA, and I figured for a $1.99/yard it would make an appropriate (and quite possibly hideous) trial run.

We’ll see how things turn out.




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