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early november is different everywhere

 Second night: Denver airport looking out terminal window. Getting back from a brief and not-so-picture-worthy overnight in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

 Next morning: First snow day in Saskatoon, Canada captured from my hotel window.

Following early afternoon: Exploring Old Fisherman’s Wharf on a sunny yet sweater-necessary day. Just a mere mile hike from the hotel in Monterey, California. I woke up too late to catch the Whales boat tour.

And today is Thanksgiving already. I don’t know who is stealing all of the time, but they really need to stop being a jerk and give it back. I miss my family and my friends more than I thought I would. But it’s okay. I’m grateful for them, that they are in good health, and that my travels thus far have all been safe ones.

Tomorrow I’ll be here checking if the nearby Boston Market will be open and crossing my fingers I don’t get assigned a trip. Wish me luck and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! xoxo



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