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Dearest Blog,

I hardly know where to begin. I’ve been a horrible friend for far too long. Admittedly, I just wasn’t that into you after a while and for the longest, I really contemplated ending our friendship for good. As you know, I found Instagram several years ago and at first, it was just a casual thing. But before I knew it I fell hard for this one (like full on stalker-status) and it was the platform that just had all of my attention. So much so, I really contemplated giving up and erasing everything that we had.

I used to tell you all of my sewing plans and all about my travels. I didn’t even tell you about Vietnam, but I will. And did you know that I finally quit flying January of 2018? Yeah, I actually did it. After nearly seven years I clipped my wings. I feel bad for not telling you sooner, especially since I confided all my feelings and experiences to you before. And you know me – I’ve never been super consistent with my sewing projects, but there are several since the last post that I never even told you about.

You are my oldest, truest and most reliable of online platforms (even when I was almost convinced that blogs weren’t worth keeping around anymore). You were there to help me find purpose and peace after I got laid off from my first serious corporate job after college and to see me get my first passport stam on my 30th birthday. I made excuses not to hang out with you anymore – always being “too busy” for you. I got a little sad that no one was reading you anymore. And I always felt the pressure to change our relationship content to impress others in hopes they would visit us more.

Well, I’m here to tell you now that I don’t care. It started as just us. And if it remains just the two of us here, I’m okay with that. So please, let’s start over. I’ll continue to share my creativity with you & you’ll share that creativity with the world, just like the good old days. I missed you old friend, and I have SO much to tell you. Here’s to blogging like no one is watching.


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