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Burnside Bib pattern by Sew House 7

Front shot of wearing finished Burnside Bibs
Head-to-toe shot of completed Burnside Bibs pattern, version 1.
Bronze Japanese cotton twill fabric from Mood Fabrics
Sew House 7 Burnside Bibs pattern with 2.5 yards of Bronze stretch Japanese cotton twill from Mood Fabrics.
Close-up detail shot of Burnside Bibs
A bold red lip + some monstera plant life in the background to break up the neutral monotony.
Burnside Bib front seams and construction details
A close-up shot of the twin-needle detail on the front bib band + pocket (I didn’t actually use a twin needle though *wink*)

You have absolutely no idea how satisfying this make was!

All of 2018 was a full plate of being-too-busy for most things that fulfilled me personally. Sewing and the desire to sew took a backseat for sure. The few moments I did touch the machine just ended up in half-started things or completed failures. So this make felt extra deserving.

Inside (guts) of Burnside Bib
Just look at those beautiful guts! Beautifully lined bib and a successful invisible zipper application – it’s been a while!

The paper-bag brown cotton twill gives it a utilitarian feel, but the long straps crossing in the back and tying in the front really give it a delicate and feminine vibe that I just can’t get enough of. It really is a pattern that can be easily overlooked because overalls tend to flatter almost no one, but perhaps perusing the ‘Burnside Bibs’ hashtag on Instagram will make you think otherwise.

Back shot of Burnside Bibs

Although I loathe starting a new project and dread the thought of the amount of time it will take to finish what I imagine in my head, I LOVE documenting the process!! I have an embarrassing amount of these close-up shots of the small tasks and details that eventually make a cherished garment on my phone’s camera roll. But, to me, these are the tiny victories worth sharing!

Tailor's tacks detail on dart
My first time attempting tailor’s tacks! Much preferred this to using a washable marker or chalk to mark both sides of the fabric.
Close-up of rear pocket details
It may be a faux-pax, but sometimes I use black sharpie to mark the notches I know the world will never see.

You’ll get an even better idea of my completed Burnside Bibs on my latest pattern review video. There’s nothing quite like seeing a finished outfit in the wild.

Hope this helps! xo

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