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Okay so I secretly started a YouTube channel months months ago now with a few hand-sewing technique how-tos as well as a do-it-yourself circle scarf tutorial. It has since had 2,000+ views and 22 subscribers!! These may be lowball stats to you, but I’m totally stoked!

After linking the video on BurdaStyle, I was notified by a fellow seamstress in the UK that used my tutorial as an extra accessory to her green printed coat she made herself! See her awesome handiwork here.

And just recently this YouTube user, Miss made her own gorgeous scarf from my tutorial and created a video response *blush*

I’m not even going to lie and tell you when the next time I’ll do another tutorial. This one was some work!! But I’ve had lots and lots of positive feedback, so I’m glad it’s been helpful to you all!!

Also, if this at all inspires you to get into the diy-ing mood…

(ummm, yes YOU)

IFB, Independent Fashion Bloggers, created a user submitted list of fashionable DIY projects across the internet (61 to be exact). Just click here to check them out. Be inspired and introduce yourself to new blogs in the process!


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