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back to work (manhattan beach, la)









If you are staying in a hotel near LAX airport around Century Blvd (a major street) or have some hours between flights, I highly recommend taking advantage of the Ocean Express Shuttle. It’s a nice bus that will take you to Manhattan Beach, nice shopping areas, and dining spots for $5 round trip! After an early start to a 10-hour work day, by 4pm the other flight attendant and I were kicking waves at the beach, holding starfish at the pier, and browsing unique (and way overpriced) boutiques on Manhattan Beach Blvd.

I’m sure it’s written somewhere that Los Angeles is just not allowed to have a bad day. To say that the weather was good is just an insult. Sunshine galore paired with refreshingly chill breezes. There are no “white” people to be found; everyone is tan. They also had gorgeous succulent plants EVERYWHERE. I have never in my life seen them bloom like that. As we strolled down the sidewalks looking for a decently priced place to dine, I stopped by a group of planters and whipped out my phone.

Me: (saying without thinking) “Oh. my. gosh. These are probably the best looking succulents I’ve ever seen! I MUST TAKE A PICTURE.”

Her: *stopped* *blank stare* [Laughter] *shaking her head*

I like plants, okay?

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