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another use for bed sheets

20140208-123229.jpgbefore + now after

20140208-123238.jpgtaking measurements + making plans

Processed with VSCOcamdiscounted sheets + prepping the first curtain panel

Processed with VSCOcamI embellished the existing embroidery detail on the top sheet by adding my own hand-beaded trim.

Been living here almost 2 years and of course I’d wait til the last 6 months of my lease to put up some curtains. It’s not like I haven’t tried this once before when I ordered a d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r curtain from Urban Outfitters (they were supposed to look like THIS *angry face*). Although I was so undecided about what color or pattern I wanted to dominate probably the most important wall of my entire living space, ultimately I think I was just super hesitant to put holes in the wall.

Sad? Maybe. But I’m pretty sure I’m couldn’t be the only renter that has had this fear. Whatever. There’s a Lowes hardware store down the street, so I’ll just deal with that issue in six more months.

My curtain wish-list was for two panels that had to touch the floor. I was going for long + elegant. I also decided against a busy print since I wanted them to easily¬†compliment my existing handmade throw pillow. ¬†So I figured they would be more solid, but NOT boring. I found the perfect curtains at Bed Bath + Beyond, but they were $109….I just couldn’t do that. And looking for enough lightweight upholstery fabric was much to expensive by the yard (even with a coupon). If I was willing to make them, how could I get that much fabric in the specific color I wanted?

That’s right. Bedding.

At a discounted retailer I purchased 2 sets for around $12 each, and all I really needed out of each set was the flat sheet. Honestly I could’ve purchased just one set, but I wanted them lined in a contrasting color. But if I wanted to make other throw pillows or just wanted extra pillow cases for my own bed, now I have plenty!

Here’s a good sew AND no-sew tutorial to follow if you’d like to make your own curtains out of bed sheets.

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