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Swatch of my first fabric design! I turned my old blog/youtube channel wallpaper into a fabric. Hopefully more designs to follow. Interested? Check out Spoonflower if you haven’t already!

My couch needs throw pillows. I started this weeks ago + here’s how it looks as of today. My couch STILL needs throw pillows :/

36 pack of crayolas (because I can’t afford a set of Prismas) + 2 select Prisma markers. Fabric designs here I come!
……But when?

My beloved Burda Parka (practice muslin) in pieces. Oh why oh why won’t you just assemble yourself *cries*

Trying my hand at the beauty that is beaded embroidery. A small throw pillow (see second photo) in the making. Started strong and then I just stopped. It’s so. much. BEADING.

Speaking of beading. A possible DIY beaded scarf tutorial? Or not? We’ll see!

First off, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! Is it just me though, or does it not really feel like Christmas? Is is almost Scrooge-ish of me to be kind of sad that I’m not being called to work today? Yeah….I think so. For me it’s the kids that really make this holiday come to life. As an adult without kids of my own I just see bad traffic, crowded stores, over-played commercials, and moody travelers. BUT since I’m not on call for work anymore in about 2 hours, it will be nice to have a nice dinner at home with the family.

Actually my favorite holiday is New Year’s. Just because to me it represents so much. A reflection and winding down of the old + looking forward to fresh new beginnings. AND I like sequins, wing out eyeliner, fireworks, and glitter. Champagne is always nice too.

Saying all that to say that I feel it’s the right time to face the ol’ blog + fess up to my failed attempts and current project shortcomings. My lack of updates are never because I forget to, but it’s always because I haven’t completed my goal to finish something I start. So here, World, is my dirty laundry. And here’s to the hope that I’ll knock some of these projects in the coming new year.

OH and by the way, here are a few way overdue pictures of the Lady Bug costume. I didn’t get any great shots that night since it was so dark, but these before shots will have to do.

Happy Holidays everyone!!! <3

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