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My garden. Starting top row from left to right: cilantro, cherry tomato, various annuals (petunias, marigold, etc.), and strawberry. Bottom row: green onion, green bell peppers, petunias, and another bell pepper. I just bought a really pretty geranium yesterday (not pictured) with pink petals…couldn’t resist!


It began innocently enough. Strawberry, cherry tomato, green bell peppers, cilantro + green onion seed packets. Of course a bag of soil + a few pots. I guess I was really hungry that day.


Potting after my plant haul.




Cilantro + green onions sprouting. Didn’t take long!




Bell peppers. Strawberries about to turn red. Tomato plant needing a stake + a new pot very soon.


Round 2. Shopping for bigger pots, but somehow came home with more plants ?



All together now. I scored these small (18″x18″ ?) pallets for free from Lowe’s since they just throw them out anyways. Keeps the plants off of the hot concrete, which helps the soil + roots remain cool/moist on the bottom during the sunny summer days. I learned that from a passenger I sat next to on a flight who is an avid gardener!

You should know that these hands of mine have committed many murders in my past. Of the plant kind only. Well a few bugs too. But I tell you this first to say that if you’ve ever for a second considered gardening or thought it would be fun to try, but you feel that you only “kill” things, realize that there is hope. This is a worthwhile hobby that is a greatly rewarding, gets you outdoors, and is an awesome de-stresser of sorts. Besides, how cool would it be to cook tacos at home and then casually say, “oh let me just grab some cilantro from my garden…” Coolest. moment. ever.

I am no expert on the subject, but we all at least know that plants need sun (at least most), dirt, and water.  So some casualties are inevitable and some of your seeds may not sprout (my lavender didn’t do squat), but don’t give up. Get more dirt and try again. I just bought another packet of lavender seeds. They were $1.28. Did I mention that this is an incredibly cheap hobby to start?

Yeah. I’m preaching a little. But with the springtime in full force + organic food the way to go these days, this is a hobby worth trying out if you have a skosh of an interest. It has also given me something to say when other flight attendants I fly with ask me about my hobbies or what I’ve been up to. I’m surprised at the folks that carry an interest really, and one of the last gals I flew with updated on Facebook that she’s just started a garden!! *patting myself on the back*

A few things I’ve learned that I can share:

  • Like I mentioned above, if you are container gardening make sure that your pots are not sitting directly on the bare concrete. If you live in Texas or another hot hot place, you already KNOW how hot the concrete can be! Place a plywood or other cooler barrier to keep the roots + soil moist on the bottom. If not, you may be cooking your plants!!
  • If your plant will eventually need a stake to keep it upright, stake early. This way you don’t damage the already well-developed root structure by the time you decide to give your plant that extra support.
  • If you are container gardening, it may be really tempting to buy those really cute pots on the market, but make sure first that there are holes on the bottom of the container. This is extremely important for draining excess water off of the soil.
  • If, like me, you are scared of over-watering your plants, buy a self-watering plant pot. They work basically by having a reservoir on the bottom of the container that you fill with water, and the plant/roots are consistently kept moist by only soaking up the water it needs. It’s been awesome for me since I can be gone for up to 4-5 days at a time. You can find them pretty reasonable in price, but this easy + crafty tutorial will show you how to make your own out of plastic coke bottles!
  • Not wanting to get your hands all dirty or don’t think you have the space to start a garden? Fine. How about re-growing store bought green onions in a drinking glass or maybe creating an easy hanging garden with cheap shoe organizer, you diva you. Mmmmhmm. That’s what I thought.

So I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, I’m going to pick a ripe strawberry from my GARDEN and see what it tastes like!


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