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ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me away from Ikea

It’s not easy being the driver AND photographer, but the views along the San Luis Reservoir were fabulous. More iphone shots here.

Enough has been enough already. Coming back from my last visit home I brought up my new Janome Sew Mini machine that my mom was so kind to purchase for me. I’ve cut corners with my lack of bed situation, but I just can’t bring myself to sew on the floor. I tried to imagine myself sitting next to my machine hunched over, trying to feed fabric through it with both hands all while pressing on the pedal with my right foot. If you can properly visualize this, my poor back would be in the shape of the letter ‘c’ while my head and right knee try to fight for the same space. Obviously the situation is no bueno.

So. Since of course I can’t afford to spend a lot but still want decent-looking furniture, I start looking at the Ikea catalog online.

If you don’t already know, I HEART Ikea….dearly. I mean, I even enjoy assembling the furniture when I get it home. Yeah ya’ll, it’s that deep.

However, the closest Ikea to Fresno, CA is a 3-hour drive to the Bay Area. I used to complain how far away it was from me in Houston (a measly 40 minutes). I was really lucky, and I’ll never complain about that again.  But I’m not doing anything on my days off anyway, and like I said – I love me some Ikea. I priced what I wanted online and headed out for a day road-trip to East Palo Alto.

Whenever I mention Fresno to anyone they’re always like, “Where is that??”.  Hopefully this graphic map gives you a better idea.

Affordable modern furniture + flat-packed goodies + crazy textiles/prints = A happy girl

Roasted/Pepper Turkey sandwich on Dutch Crunch bread

After 3 hours of driving and nearly 2 hours of shopping, I stopped in nearby Menlo Park for a bite at Cafe Zoe since the Yelp reviews were so awesome. It’s a little quaint and cozy coffee shop tucked between a Mexican grocery and a salon in a nice residential area. The staff were really friendly, and the tables had cute oragami flower arrangements on them.

Despite driving up with Texas plates on my car, I usually try to act like I’m not a total tourist or anything. But when it was my turn to order, I just had to ask what the heck ‘Dutch Crunch’ bread was. There was an older guy behind me with a friendly face that smiled big when he heard me ask this as the girl behind the counter lifted up the loaf for me to see. And when I googled it later it was obvious my ‘Bay Area wannabe’ card was revoked. Apparently Dutch Crunch (or Tiger Bread) is a very common Bay Area thing. The bread loaf is coated with a sweet rice paste which cracks during the baking process. It’s a chewy bread. Sweeter and crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

You’ll only fool me once Bay Area *shaking fist*

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