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$1.50 salvation army dress refashion


These $9.95 Forever 21 sandals cost 6x more than the drawstring tube dress I’m wearing. The number of compliments I’ve gotten on this dress after two wearings is absolutely priceless. Happy. Camper.


Humble beginnings. Size 14 button down collared cotton shirt dress, front + back.


Hand-sewing gold glass bead embellishments on the existing fabric design.
Ignore the chipped nail polish.


Closer detail shot of the finished simple beading I added.


Finished front + back shots.

I stumbled upon this hidden gem when I was living in California about a year and a half ago. I’ve been holding on this old thing with pure laziness + good intentions. This dress was originally priced at $3.00 at the Salvation Army, but apparently on Wednesdays all clothing is marked 50% off. I don’t ever go into the Salvation Army clothing shops really, and I haven’t been in one since. The exact play by play of this purchase is quite hazy now, but all I remember is that dress looked like a tent on the hanger and that the fabric felt like it had been washed a million times. But I loved the fabric detail, particularly on the bottom hem of the muumuu-like button-down dress.

I like showing my shoulders + forgetting the sleeves during Texas summers, so I opted to make this a tube dress and adding a drawstring casing to the new mid-section. Most of this new dress is actually the bottom skirt of the old. I used the top part of the old dress mostly for the drawstring casing.

The navy, off-white + burgundy palette and existing fabric design put me in mind of a kind of nautical look so I added a gold rope trim that I found at JoAnn fabrics to help cinch the waist. I put an elastic band around the top of the tube dress + added gold beads just to give the dress some extra personality. It goes smashingly well with the afro puff.


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