some serious progress meets a bit of inspiration

peplum pre1aGot the peplum piece worked out nicely.

This progress update is real proof that rearranging my space has worked wonders thus far. I’ll be all the way convinced once I produce the finished project. But I dare say if I didn’t have to work the last five days, I would’ve had this project done already. Absolutely baffling, since I am a professional procrastinator in my personal life.

I’ve also been meaning to finally earn my green thumb + grow a few plants on my balcony, and I have! It’s been over a month and my green onions and cilantro have sprouted, my cherry tomato plant is getting so tall I desperately need to stake it, and my bell peppers + strawberries are doing great! It’s mostly her fault though. She’s a young lawyer 9-5 and a green thumb technician on her own time, sharing both the triumphs + troubles in her limited gardening spaces.ย  If you take a gander at her blog, you’ll be inspired too.

A few other points of ideas + inspiration —

I’ve been brainstorming a way to set up my plants better on my balcony. I want to do something like this.

Of course I already believe sewing is incredibly awesome, but SHE makes sewing look SO FREAKING COOL. And I absolutely adore her style. Swag. Overload.

Do you like yogurt? Greek yogurt? How about cream cheese? Well you can make your own so easily + super cheaply. I tell you no lie.


  1. Raven!! So maybe I will try gardening too, you’ve inspired me! My parents and grandmother have a garden every year, but I didn’t inherit the green thumb. The vertical gardener blog made it look easier. Your project looks great too! I wish I had more time to complete all of mine. Hope to talk to you soon!

    1. YES Jeana, you totally should!!!! You have a green thumb under there somewhere I promise ya!

  2. Aww, why thank for the shoutout, RB! See, growing stuff ain’t that hard :). You need to post pix of your plant friends soon! Btw, look at Craigslist and Kingwood Yardsales for some good deals on plant stands. Also check Wal-Mart–they’ll deliver to your nearest store, where you can pick up your item w/o a shipping fee. Very cheap! Also, the dollar store is a good place for cheap pots.

    You can achieve a “layered” look without buying a plant stand by using pots in varying sizes and staggering them according to size. Buy “filler” plants to fill in the gaps between pots:

    Another idea is flipping a bigger pot over and using it as a stand for another potted plant. You could get a “layered” look of a multi-leveled plant stand this way. I do this myself. I actually bought some plastic buckets at the dollar store and used them as “plant stands” to keep the mice away from my plants, too. I’ve also used bricks, cinder blocks and wood planks to add height/layers:

    FYI, if you have any place to hang potted plants (brick or wood wall), I have a bunch of extra Hang-A-Pots if you want.

    1. Of course mang! Your gardening blog is awesome! I was actually able to get some free small pallets, so maybe if i can get enough I may try to layer with those, but I do actually really dig the idea of flipping over existing pots tho. I just love the look of those big terracotta pots! And I don’t have a brick or wooden wall *kicks rocks* but thanks tho. I need to look into those over-the-railing type planters too.

  3. Also, I’d recommend using a ceramic pot as makeshift plant stand. Plastic will melt in the heat. One of my tomato plants fell over this way ๐Ÿ™

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