Sewing pattern review – Simplicity 1165


As with most projects that I start, I usually end up completing them several months later for one reason or the other. This naturally means that the masterpiece that I have created is actually out of season. So here I am looking like Summer when it feels like Fall.

However, my elation will not be deterred!! Check out these fancy pants made of loud (and proud) floral rayon fabric.



Also, I love reading pattern reviews because they prove so helpful before I start my own pattern project. I appreciate the time that other seamsters have taken to share awesome outfit pictures and write detailed reviews of the great and not-so-great things about said sewing pattern. I’ve contributed a few of my own over the years too.

However, I thought I’d take this idea further and make a simple pattern review video instead! There’s no substitution for video sometimes, especially when it comes to seeing how clothes really move on the body.

I plan to do more of these because I feel like these prove helpful to some. Take a gander at my quick pattern review of Simplicity pants pattern #1165.

simlicity1165cNew Ikea project desk and my sewing machine that I haven’t seen in nearly 4 months!

simlicity1165d100 pounds of sewing supplies from home that I finally got around to shipping to myself from Houston!

I know it’s been a while, kids. I’m ever-so-slowly trying to get my life here settled in San Diego. Remember when I transferred to Seattle for work? Yeah, well after 4 months, I just transferred to San Francisco!

Oh the adjustments. But at least I’m working in the same state that I live now AND my sewing life is finally here with me!

More to come. xo.



  1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your live appearance, it really does help to see what they look like in action. I was looking at this pattern on amazon, and no reviews, so I decided to search it out, and found you.
    I have been wanting some comfy straight leg knit pants, cotton if I can find it, probably in a solid color, for both at-home wear and for heading out. I just can’t find what I am after in the stores. I don’t want something as tight as leggings, but want the narrow legs. so I thought I would just sew them myself.
    So the next step will be finding that fabric.
    Again, thanks for going to this trouble, I now plan to order this and give it a try, esp since the cost is so reasonable on amazon, cheaper than at simplicity. Pattern prices have gone up to expensive!
    ps I do love your sewing table set-up!

    1. Hello Gwenn! You are so very welcome! I’m really glad that you came by + found what you were looking for ^_^ Just like you are saying, I started to take video of some of my makes because it’s just so much easier to get an idea of fit if you can actually SEE it in action – this really is a great pattern for both! If finding fabric is your next task, that’s the most ideal “problem” to have, right? Happy sewing 🙂

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