Sewing pattern review – Simplicity 1072

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Look at all of those teeth. So much cheesiness, as per usual. Genuinely excited how well this easy-to-sew knit project came out though. SRSLY.

I did not one or two, but I actually did (attempted) THREE of these knit tops!! The middle one happened to be a disaster, but I learned something new that day. I can listen to music or have the telly on in the background while I sew, but obviously NOT Periscope.

I managed to sew the neckband inside-out AND sew wrong pieces together while listening to one of Regina’s (of amazingly informative and hilarious scopes! If you are seriously interested in motivation and help pumping up your blog and overall brand, she’s definitely your gal.

Despite the epic fail, there are no regrets! The blunder actually motivated me to get MORE fabric and try another one since I was really pleased how the first one turned out. I fear knits no more!

Check my new pattern review video below for a detailed look at this pattern – I highly recommend this one for a quickie addition to your Fall wardrobe this season!

Pattern Review of Simplicity #1072

simplicity1072bOh you know. It’s just me and my bad self 😉

Welp that’s about it for now, but I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Talk soon! xoxo

P.S.– If you’re at all interested in like seriously awesome and helpful info to help out your blog/brand, I’d highly suggest checking out Regina’s scopes. See her previous scopes here on AAAANNNNDDD follow me on Periscope too (@diyraven)! Seamsters unite!

P.S.S.– Does this last knit top look a little Star Trekkie to you??? Lol.



  1. Very nice top! You did a great job and will get better with more experience which you have already evidenced!

    1. Thank you Myra!! Oooooh boy did I ever, lol. After this, I am definitely looking forward to trying out more knit projects for sure.

  2. aaah! i just picked up this pattern and did a quick googling for some images and stumbled upon your review. i’m choosing it for the same reasons you outlined. not much experience with knits or my serger and i just want a staple i can wear all day everyday! i’m so glad i happened upon this review and i absolutely LOVE your mess up version. it’s kind of incredible.
    also, thanks for mentioning sizing. i was looking at it and don’t want it super fitted but also don’t want to wear a giant sack…definitely something to consider.
    i’m hoping to get started on this tonight. wish me luck!

    1. YASSSSSSS!!!!! I’m so glad this review could help you!!! Even though I’m sure you really won’t need it, I wish you ALL the luck! I’m sure it will turn out great 🙂 Btw that mess up version is probably my favorite mess up in life ever, haha.

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