September 19, 2013

length check


Excuse the poor quality of pics, but I definitely remember promising a hair pic or two before I left. So, here it is.

On to the airport. Later!


toronto top1toronto top4toronto top3toronto top5Simplicty pattern #1694, version E.
French seams on chiffon are definitely the way to go!

I’ve been trying to focus for seriously the past hour on giving the dirty details on the makings of this shirt. My mind is totally elsewhere though.


So so many loose ends to take care of since I’ll be there for about two weeks. Already starting to pack since I’m only taking carry-on luggage with me. I must not forget to get my rent and other stupid bills together before I go. I would totally worry about my plants, but since they already died about two months ago (R.I.P.) that’s one less thing to take care of. I’m kinda freaking out about my HAIR because I totally can’t be bothered with all that while I’m there. But I’m going to the local Beauty Supply tomorrow to buy some hair weave [sigh] and attempt to do this style on myself in the next few days….

For better or worse, I’ll show pics before I go. NOT excited about doing this either. Last time I had any type of braids in my hair was….middle school? Wayyyy long ago. And I totally didn’t put them in myself – No Way! But thanks to YouTube, I think I gots this *cracking knuckles*

But seriously, let’s talk a moment about this shirt.

  • Simplicity pattern #1694 is an easy project that could technically be finished in a single day. It took me longer, of course. I tend to take lots of Instagram stalking and looking-in-the-refrigerator-for-what-I-don’t-know breaks. But it makes for a simple flowy shirt. Be forewarned it’s a loose, boxy cut. Not form hugging or acquainting much at all!
  • This is the fabric I just purchased in Toronto on my last trip. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough fabric to finish, hence the bright pink satin-y piece I placed in the back. I think it’s a nice contrast though + I’m in love with the single center-back pleat!
  • First time working with chiffon fabric. Naturally, I was scared. BUT Oona and Miesha left some helpful tips in the comments of the previous post – SO VERY HELPFUL!! Thanks ladies!
  • I secretly wanted to make a quick and easy project to wear for my trip. Now that I’m finished though, I’m not sure that I’ll be taking it. However, my Rainbow Brite plaid/chambray shirt is sooooo coming with me!

Definitely more before I go. Have a great weekend!


pretty pretty chiffon

September 5, 2013

king textiles2

king textiles3

king textiles1

King Textiles in Toronto, Ontario fashion district.

Oh you know, just holding up some beautiful chiffon fabric I scored in Toronto’s fashion district up to the light pouring in my hotel room like a familiar scene straight from the Lion King or something.  Yeah, I was that proud. Only thing is, I have NO idea how to actually work with chiffon.

Hashtag. HELP.

But first things first is this blasted high-waist shorts pattern. I’ve been at home ill since Sunday, so I haven’t given it much thought besides the feeling of giving up, lol. I’m starting to feel better though, so maybe I’ll give it another go. Because if not, I can always use the fabric for a crop top or something just as equally anti-fall season-ish.


mom shorts

August 27, 2013


High waist shorts practice pair. Or perhaps, freshly cut mom jeans.

Now true I modified this pattern some. I added an inch to the waist to make it higher, which apparently I had no business doing. And I obviously shortened the trouser leg to make shorts. Nevermind the “cuffed” bottom you see in the photo. I was just getting an idea of where I wanted the length to stop on these shorts.

However, had I known that the Simplicity 5259 pattern were none other than a “mom” trousers pattern, I would’ve probably looked at other patterns first. It looks like I have these on backwards since I’ve got this odd air pocket hanging over my stomach where it looks like one’s booty would go. As much as I hate the idea of starting over completely, especially when I’ve been averaging one day at home per week lately, this wasn’t a total fail at all. I’ve been dying to learn how to make alterations, and truly this probably an excellent project to start with since there aren’t many pieces nor doesn’t require much fabric.

Armed with more muslin fabric and some patience, I’ll definitely be back at it after this next trip.

P.S. — Although it’s a pretty crummy photo above, that tank top is the one I made some weeks ago.


chic highwaist shorts

What I hope my end result will be making my own pair of high-waist shorts, minus the cool zipper detailing.
(Image source)

triangles pattern3

First attempt at drafting the shorts! Using Simplicity pants pattern #5259 as my guide.  Also, the test fabric swatch of my pattern design from Spoonflower.

triangles pattern2

1 yard of my very own fabric.

I’m probably the only one that wants to hold onto summer just a little while longer. 100+ degree days be damned, I sure hate layering up.

There. I said it.

So I’m rebelling with these shorts. Hopefully the rebellion is a successful one because I’ve wanted high-waist shorts for the longest time, and what a treat it would be to have them in a fabric of my own design, right? After making a scale change to my design based on the swatch I got back from Spoonflower last month, I received my fabric order in the mail a week ago. I settled on making shorts because it would’ve definitely been pricey to get more than a single yard to make anything bigger than that. However, if somehow this shorts pattern doesn’t work out, I may totally turn this yard of fabric into a crop top.

Let’s just hope the days are still warm enough by the time I complete these shorts. If not, layering it up with tights it is I guess.


gotta go but….

August 13, 2013




I wish I had this done already BUT cheers to slow progress. First time making a shirt cuff + placket….turned out so cute!  Anyways, have a good week!




Built by Wendy button-down shirt pattern…….in progress.

If Rainbow Brite was in her mid 20s to early 30s today and wore a plaid print, this would so be her fabric of choice. Hands. Down.

Was this my intention going in? No. Am I ashamed though? Nah.

I added in some chambray accents in the back, collar stand, inner button flap, and it will be present on the cuff too. I’m so close yet so far from being finished. I am curious for these results because my love wanes and grows for this piece the longer I work on it. So there’s that.

Also a quick side-note I forgot to mention a post or two earlier – I got featured in DIY Summer Style Ideas article for my diy shorts tutorial by the nice folks at Earth911! Mine was 1 of 17 nifty DIY ideas mentioned for your summer wardrobe, so you should definitely check it out!




There’s something very Mister Rogers about wearing a uniform. I don’t sing into a camera, but I tend to put on each piece of my monkey-suit at a glacial pace. Since I always sport the unisex (old man) cardigan option, I’m almost sure that’s what really sets the vibe off. But I guess even that fella had different color cardigans and sneakers to wear. I just woke up feeling like I was not in the mood for anything. Most especially work. I figured since I had hours upon hours to kill before I started my next trip, I’d do the responsible thing and get new shoes, pantyhose, and watch for work. Hello Target.

But even though you get the new shoes, doesn’t matter which style, somehow it’s the same shoe. Replaced the white watch I had (that I spilled scalding hot coffee all over on my last trip) with one with a mauve band and glitzy face. Panty hose….don’t get me started! Although mundane, poppin’ tags on new merchandise never gets old. Somehow working 3 flights today doesn’t feel so unappealing.

Well. Gotta start getting ready now.


Have a splendid weekend you guys!


downtown toronto

cn tower toronto

Unfortunately, these were my best 2 out of 3 shots taken in downtown Toronto. I missed some great photo-taking ops on the layover AND I missed my first opportunity to visit Top Shop. I’m crazy.

built by wendy shirt1


one sleeve + a collar

July 22, 2013


A “selfie” shot.  I really loathe that term.




Missing a sleeve, buttons, and a lower hem BUT this is as far as I’m willing to go for a practice top.


A much needed quick sew project – McCalls 6128 racerback tank pattern.

My little heart has been set on a button-down shirt with sleeves and a collar.  No real reason that I know of since both of those last mentioned elements are sweat-inducing in July. I rarely make clothes with sleeves anymore. Setting in sleeves in a garment is not one of the sexier moments in sewing — it can be a pain. I haven’t set in a sleeve since my brief stint in fashion school, but this one-armed tester piece has restored some of my confidence. Maybe it ain’t so bad.

You see the pics above and I’m sure you assume my next move is to grab the “good” fabric and get to work, right?

Not so much.

It’s actually quite snug. Not like oh-this-is-form-fitting-and-kinda-sexy-for-a-button-down-YASSSSSSSS snug. More like too too tight around the bust, fitting oddly somehow in the back, and perhaps if I had another sleeve attached then clapping my hands would become a problem. If I took shallow breaths all day and didn’t have to move, I think it would totally be okay.

Obviously that means two things:
1. Seriously glad that I took the time to make a practice before I started on the final after all, and
2. If I want to make this top work I MUST ALTER THE ORIGINAL PATTERN.

Ugh. I may just leave #2 alone. Now true enough, I could possibly just take it a size up, but I’m not that seriously in love with this pattern to take the time to figure out how to fix it in the least. I JUST finally figured out the collar part! Which didn’t turn out to be a big deal. I actually have another pattern in mind to tweak if necessary to get what I want. So til then I guess.

But in the meantime, I had to finish something over my days off. Hence the quickie project.

And I know I don’t mention this enough, but a serious THANK YOU to all you awesome folks who write encouraging notes below!! I at least owe you guys a picture of some mountains or a beach. I’ve been totally slacking on my “fun” travel lately.

Low funds = NO funs.