knock-offs and designer impostors

Good LAWD does anyone remember those awful Designer Impostor deodorant body sprays? Those were all the rage in my middle school back in the day. After gym class, the ladies locker-room ALWAYS reeked of a funk, Vanilla Fields, and wanna-be Tommy Girl perfume medley.

But actually that outdated subject brings me to this bag. I’m sure it’s official – American Apparel hates me. I knocked off their medium leather carry-all pouch too. I picked up a plum faux snake-skin-like fabric from JoAnn to make this simple clutch.

Check out the simple tutorial on Style Scrapbook’s blog to make your own. I added a lining on the inside to make it extra fancy.

In my defense, technically AA is knocking off the ‘pencil bag’. Right?


  1. LOVE this! I saw this on Style Scrapbook too and just told a friend I was going to give it a try.

    1. I think you should DEF give it a go πŸ˜‰
      P.S. – congrats on your personal styling/shopping gig (!!!)


  2. HAAAAA!

    “Good LAWD does anyone remember those awful Designer Imposter deodorant body sprays? Those were all the rage in my middle school back in the day. After gym class, the ladies locker-room ALWAYS reeked of a funk, Vanilla Fields, and wanna-be Tommy Girl perfume medley.”

    You’re so funny, and so right!

    And the knockoff AA clutch. Um, WOW! I just ordered two and am waiting for them to arrive, and I’m betting that yours is actually better quality. Love it, Raven. Your talent is inspiring!

    1. He he, I knew someone was bound to remember!! I can’t WAIT to see how you style the clutches when you get them in. Thanks as always V or all of your encouragement!

  3. NEVER feel bad about ripping off AA. I mean, look at the poor girls in their ads, right?

    I need one of those awesome clutches of yours, though, on the reals.

    1. You know what? You are SO right, haha. AA has the most wild ads (and I don’t mean wild in a good or ingenious way). But if you like them that much, you are indeed in luck!! I start selling them soon!! πŸ™‚

  4. love love LOVE! I have to get me one of Raven’s knockoffs (which is way better than AA’s design, IMO). what did you use for the lining? btw, I love your outfit too. very cute w/ the white skinny belt

    1. Glad you like Val! The will be coming to a post office (well, when I see you since I know where you live) soon. I just used a satin-like lining material for the inside. This was the first one I made, so it was my learner bag.

      And thanks on the outfit nods! F21 for the skinny belts!

  5. I love it gal. I wish I have time to sew all these stuff. I probably will if I wake up earlier. Love my bed too much!

    1. You sure do love your bed, haha. That’s why I never call you before noon πŸ˜‰

  6. Haha, those sprays were nasty! But your clutch is awesome! I don’t think it’s a knock-off bc it is a basic shape and you chose a unique lining and a unique outer fabric. So there. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes THANK you. Those sprays were downright nasty!

      And yeah, you’re absolutely right. This is above a knock-off. Hmpf!! I like the way you think!

    1. “I gotchu, I gotchu” (c) Wanda, In Living Color

  7. Designer Imposters!!! “If you like Obsession you’ll love Persistent!” Me loves this clutch, I’d love it in a green or red!

    1. Haha YES!!! I was SO hoping someone would imitate their hilarious knock-off names!!

      Green or red? Coming up πŸ˜‰

  8. You know which colors I want lol…….

    1. Tan/Khaki, Red, and Grey……

      I know you’re onto me! I have it committed to memory, haha.

  9. Now you did that!!! You def need to make these & sell them! I’d buy one!!! Just found you on GFS blog


  10. girl you KILLED it, so jealous right now. I am so thinking about driving straight to my mom’s house kidnapping her, taking us to Britex fabrics, picking out a fierce faux skin fabric, and forcing her to fashion me one of these giant pencil cases!! I’ll let you know how it goes…meh…she prob wont go for it πŸ™‚


  11. CUTE!! I love it! And for the love of all that is good and pure… Vanilla Fields. I’ve got the memory of that stink in my head now – thaaaaaanks!

  12. What a perfect quick project! I have been lusting after those AA bags but couldn’t bring myself to drop the money for it.. thanks for sharing! I might try to be fancy pants and do some lining too πŸ™‚

  13. LMBO at the Parfum De Coeur x FUNK comment! And American Apparel better not hate you because they knocked off the CELINE pouch clutch…only difference is CELINE has some gold lettering scribbled at the top:–fOcsdAExZo/TWxQLi6e2FI/AAAAAAAAAdQ/o9hjR0yllj4/Celine-Pouch.gif

    Stay encouraged on your style journey, hope to blog about you soon!

  14. What a great bag! And I agree, AA always rips stuff off, so why not?
    I’ve heard they put nasty ingredients into knockoff sprays…so I’ve never tried any.
    Take care!

  15. Love the bag would love to have one in Kelly Green with Leopard lining. Looking forward to your store!
    Can’t wait to get one πŸ™‚

  16. […] Apparel-like carry all pouch, I have gotten an overwhelming number of requests to start selling the bag I made. The wonderful ladies I met (two Sundays ago now) at the Houston Blogger Meet Up, co-hosted by […]

  17. Tnx for your comment))…love your clutch…Purple looks great on you…Kisses!

  18. I’ve just found your website and I love your approach to fashion, blogging and sewing. I’m definitely going to try making your infinity scarf thanks to your great tutorial, and… slightly off topic… I am totally envious of your amazing legs too πŸ™‚

  19. LOL, love what you said at the end, -“In my defense, technically AA is knocking off the β€˜pencil bag’. Right?”

    But anywyas, I just wanted to let you know, your pouch came out reallly good, it looks like you bought it!
    Really awesome!
    Few weeks ago, I wrote down the size of one of the AA pouches, to make a pouch out of my old denim jeans. πŸ˜€

    Nice blog, I’m gonna follow, I’m currently trying to learn to sew on my own, and boy πŸ™ it’s frustrating.
    If, I have any questions, may I ask you? ^^

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