diy circle scarf tutorial

The DIY Circle Scarf tutorial vid is finally up! As promised, I want to teach you everything you need to know to make your own. You will need to know:

What is a selvage edge
The right and wrong side of the fabric
What is a seam allowance
How to sew the slip stitch

For those that will be sewing the entire project by hand:

How to thread your needle
How to sew the running stitch or back stitch

A few things worth mentioning:

  • For mine, I used 2 yards of fabric. (I highly recommend this especially if you’re using a non-stretchy fabric and to double-wrap it comfortably around your neck.)

  • If you are hand sewing your scarf as a beginner, just know that you will have to re-thread your needle several times since you are working with a lot of fabric – this is normal. When you are close to running out of thread on your needle, simply knot-off, re-thread your needle, and continue where you left off.

  • New sewers: 45″ is an common fabric bolt width and you won’t have any trouble finding it. My fabric was originally 58″ in width and I cut it down when I got home. When shopping for your fabric, don’t hesitate to ask any of the ladies at the fabric cutting counter if you need help. That’s why they are there!

  • If you decide to use a jersey or another stretchy type of fabric, definitely use the back stitch if sewing by hand. The overlapping stitches not only provide strength, but it adds flexibility when the fabric is stretched during use. If you are using a sewing machine, be sure to stretch the fabric slightly as you sew. This also ensures that you don’t start popping stitches if you stretch your scarf a lot during use.

  • Some fabrics (like most jersey) don’t have an obvious right and wrong side. If thats the case, just designate one side as right and the other as wrong.

  • If you are curious, I used non-stretchy rayon fabric for my circle scarf.

Alright kids. So that should be it! If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me a message. And if you make one of these for yourself, please do send me a link!! I’d love to see it 🙂


  1. Just FYI, if you’re having trouble playing the Vimeo videos, you can view the same tutorials on my youtube channel –


  2. Great video, very informative!! it would be nice to creat something of mine for once 🙂

    Fashion Rehab

    1. Thanks seriously for the feedback! Yeah, it’s definitely rewarding to put something made by YOU in your own wardrobe 😉

  3. I’ve recently see people wearing this kind of scarf and alwasy wondering me how can i make one for me? and you gave me the answer. Thanks for the tutorial.!
    And by the way congrats on your manicure, you have the most incredible perfect nails ( any advice? :D)

    1. You’re absolutely welcome Elena + thanks for the compliment, haha. There’s really no secret. I just usually keep them pretty even and short because if my nails get too long, texting on my touch-screen phone gets extra annoying!! And I just make sure to put 2 fresh coats of nail polish on if I do a video or take a pic where my hands are showing. Seeing tutorials zoomed in on hands with chipped nail polish bothers me. Odd I know.

  4. OMG gal, that was a great video! I watched it 4 times as you know I’m not a very logical person when it comes to sewing. I am gona make one myself. It actually looks like a cowl or is it the same stuff just different name? I really like it and it is so easy to do. When mentioned rayon, it reminded me of my textile test last thur and my many careless mistakes. OOops.

    Keep it up. The music in the background was a nice touch. LOVE IT!

    1. Lol, thanks Gabby!! Hey that’s alright, that’s what vid tutorials are great for – you can always refer back to them when you need them. Yeah, it is a cowl-neck type wrap. I’m sure you did fine on your textiles test, which reminds me that I need to start picking your brain about textiles! I’m not well versed on many fabric types.

      + Glad you liked the music. The song is “Paris Nights and New York Mornings” by Corinne Bailey Rae 🙂

  5. Awesome! I will have to get on this ASAP.

  6. omigosh I love this! i’m so excited to make it! I have a lot of eternity scarves but they always come in boring colours like black, brown,beige..etc and i’ve always wanted a really chunky bold red one for a while. i’ve also began to make some sewing projects and began learning how to serge recently so this is perfectt!! thanks so much!

    1. I know what you mean! They can be quite limited on style + variety, but hey now you’ll be able to make bold red one like you want – Yay!! I’m seriously excited for you!

  7. […] Style Council Conference in Austin (sans black heels and black cropped leggings). Black jersey-knit diy circle scarf (made with 1.5 yards fabric) + Project Runway Simplicity pattern […]

  8. Awesome tutorial, I’d like to ask you one question. What kind of fabric is the scarf made from?

  9. This was a great tutorial, i just finished making mine last night.
    I was wondering if you could show us the different ways to wear it??

  10. Love it just made one THANKS!!!

  11. This is a great tutorial. I had sewn a fringed fleece scarf last year and I really wasn’t digging the fringe, so I whacked it off today and am turning this two-tone fleece scarf into a circle scarf. That’s how I found this blog. Everything I’ve seen so far has been so beautifully made that I’m definitely going to be following this space. I do hope you’re enjoying your new career as a flight attendant. And if you continue to pursue knitting, I know you’ll love it. Much easier to carry around than a sewing machine. lol

    Thanks again!

  12. Hi, I appreciate your tutorial. Is there anyway you could send me the directions,I couldn’t keep up,and my computer would stop,and go to something else. Thanks so much,Dawn

    1. Hey Dawn! Please email me exactly which step you may need help on + I’ll do my best to step you through it. It’s unfortunate that you weren’t able to view the video, because it’s so much easier to see it than me trying to explain it in essay format, in my opinion.

  13. Wow, whipped this up in a cute striped jersey fabric in about half an hour from fabric in my stash. It will be a great Christmas gift. Thank you SO much for the easy idea and wonderful instructions.

  14. Hi Raven!
    I’m sure you must be exhausted of hearing this, but I cannot THANK YOU enough for this wonderful tutorial! I am just learning to sew (I’m 41!) and am practicing hand-sewing before investing in a machine! Every time I shop at American Apparel, I’ve admired the circle scarves but thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of money for such little effort!” And NOW, you’ve taught me how to make them! I foresee a Spring/Summer of circle scarves in every imaginable pattern…I’m already on my second scarf!
    Thanks for being such a great inspiration, and for taking the time and effort to teach others to create! Cheers, Gaia

  15. This tutorial is amazing and so easy to follow. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. You are too welcome 🙂

  16. Such a GREAT tutorial! A lot of sewing videos end up confusing me but this one was very easy to follow and understand. Thanks for posting it!

  17. Thank you so much for the video tutorial you’ve shared. This is very helpful, and it seems that you really want to teach others as well. Your tutorial is much appreciated. Circle scarf is one of the accessories not just for fashion but also for keeping everyone warm during the cold season.

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