i mean. i’m just sayin….

Money. Having it, or simply having the lack of is a subject that no one likes to talk about. If I had an elephant that constantly followed me into every room, it would be an elephant that wore a skin with a repeated pattern of the one dollar bill. He’d be chilling while I’m in my apartment. He’d be there looking over my shoulder when I’m checking the mail for bills and snicker when I decline any 1-866 numbers that I make roll straight to voicemail. He’d be in my basket when I’m getting groceries from the store. He’d even start break-dancing on the table when I get my split of the check during a dinner out or a happy-hour with friends.  I’m pretty sure he did the Dougie yesterday while I called and put my school loan on forbearance.

Passion. Oh you know. Do what you love and never work a day in your life? I mean, I hear you, but what if you just like lots o’ stuff and carry a torch for nothing? When I visit my tax lady every year she is absolutely EXCITED about doing my taxes, crunching numbers, yada yada. She loves accounting!! My fellow ex-flight attendant friend Amy Jo runs a beautiful photography blog that she updates on the regular because she has such a passion for taking pictures every. single. day. I’m super jealous of these monogamous types. My interests vary so far and so wide and if I’m being truly honest with myself, I have no idea what I could find fulfillment in doing everyday while making a comfortable living in the process. I love me some travel, but I’m so not cut out to be a “career” flight attendant. I sat next to a young lady, exactly half my age, on a flight back to Houston the other night while I was deadheading from Denver after a 5-day trip. She asked me so many questions of interest about my job and then shared something about her personal experience on a flight coming back from Italy.  I kept a straight face, but my heart got a bit sad. I haven’t even been farther than Canada yet. I constantly hear the it-gets-better stories about the pay + seniority with this job, but I think I can only thank people for their trash for so long.

Love + relationships. Ahhh matters of the heart. Some people kick rocks. Other people kick hearts.

Lol, okay. So it’s not that serious, but let’s just say my most recent relations situation wasn’t so hot. I never talk about this and frankly I used to not worry about it. But when you’ve attended nearly 10 weddings over your brief lifespan, you’re about to top off your third decade of existence, and a Facebook pal of yours (already in an awesome relationship herself of course) posts a pic about even Honey Boo Boo’s mom has a boyfriend…..ONE STARTS TO PANIC. Which is probably why I went solo to San Francisco this past February for their annual Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight because I figured if you can’t join them, BEAT them.

Footage of opening carnage.

Mind you I only lasted about a solid 12 minutes and then I politely excused myself (meaning I fought my way out). There were some fools with those well soiled I’ve-had-this-on-my-bed-for-years type of pillows that sank like bricks in the cases so they were inevitably straight up Homie the Clowning folks. My new fluffy pillow couldn’t compete. Plus there were these obvious veterans out there that had bandanas over their mouths WHICH WAS BRILLIANT because when someone dropped a bomb of feathers, that ish would get into your eyes + all down into your throat. I don’t know how many times I heard people yell “I can’t breathe” after that. But the BEST was when this guy in a very I Am Sparta voice yelled out “Fight. For. Your. FREEDOMMMMM!!!!!!” Lol. This is the video I took at beginning of the fight when the bell tolled. I hung back a sec to make sure it wasn’t too much carnage going on because ultimately I’m not losing an eye over a pillow fight. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Such. good. times.

So. Sometimes you just have to keep it real. And I feel I write my best when I do. These truly are issues that do give me great stress sometimes, but they also serve as great reminders that it ain’t all bad, I’ll totally (hopefully) figure it all out someday, and it’s really kind of funny when you think about it. *wink*

random bits

1. Good news? My curtain came in from UO! Bad news? The color is much darker than I expected…..which would be O.K. if the material wasn’t so incredibly cheap :/ The fabric is thinner than an inexpensive bed sheet you would purchase from Walmart. Loved the print, but it’s going back!  TODAY.

2. Had two layovers in Detroit this week (within the past seven days). This was taken outside of my room window before I had to head back to Houston. Snow is a beautiful thing….in small doses.

3. I started my online class this week! And my nephew came over to help me with some of the homework. He definitely has a different approach to learning. It doesn’t seem to be all that effective, but he’s much too cute not to keep around.

always starting something

Swatch of my first fabric design! I turned my old blog/youtube channel wallpaper into a fabric. Hopefully more designs to follow. Interested? Check out Spoonflower if you haven’t already!

My couch needs throw pillows. I started this weeks ago + here’s how it looks as of today. My couch STILL needs throw pillows :/

36 pack of crayolas (because I can’t afford a set of Prismas) + 2 select Prisma markers. Fabric designs here I come!
……But when?

My beloved Burda Parka (practice muslin) in pieces. Oh why oh why won’t you just assemble yourself *cries*

Trying my hand at the beauty that is beaded embroidery. A small throw pillow (see second photo) in the making. Started strong and then I just stopped. It’s so. much. BEADING.

Speaking of beading. A possible DIY beaded scarf tutorial? Or not? We’ll see!

First off, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! Is it just me though, or does it not really feel like Christmas? Is is almost Scrooge-ish of me to be kind of sad that I’m not being called to work today? Yeah….I think so. For me it’s the kids that really make this holiday come to life. As an adult without kids of my own I just see bad traffic, crowded stores, over-played commercials, and moody travelers. BUT since I’m not on call for work anymore in about 2 hours, it will be nice to have a nice dinner at home with the family.

Actually my favorite holiday is New Year’s. Just because to me it represents so much. A reflection and winding down of the old + looking forward to fresh new beginnings. AND I like sequins, wing out eyeliner, fireworks, and glitter. Champagne is always nice too.

Saying all that to say that I feel it’s the right time to face the ol’ blog + fess up to my failed attempts and current project shortcomings. My lack of updates are never because I forget to, but it’s always because I haven’t completed my goal to finish something I start. So here, World, is my dirty laundry. And here’s to the hope that I’ll knock some of these projects in the coming new year.

OH and by the way, here are a few way overdue pictures of the Lady Bug costume. I didn’t get any great shots that night since it was so dark, but these before shots will have to do.

Happy Holidays everyone!!! <3

hello wisconsin

 1. A cool + rainy day in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Riverwalk District, I believe.
2. Being welcomed by pretty towel art in a hotel room makes me smile. I love the animal ones the best though.

I’m currently here on a 32 hour layover, which really means that whilst writing this post I am somehow “working”. I am okay with this. And the not-so-pleasant-weather – I’m okay with that too. A little rain and cold weather never hurt anyone that packed a solid jacket and scarf at least. This actually makes for my second time ever visiting in Wisconsin. Most people think of cheese and the Green Bay Packers, but the two things that always come to mind are my childhood best friend + the act of paying-it-forward.

My childhood bestie moved away when she was 9 and I was 10 years old. We’re exactly one year apart – both born on the same day of different years. That fact alone has always bonded us heavily I think. When she moved from Houston to Madison, we wrote letters for years. You know, that was before email was the big thing and you had to sit down and write on lined paper by hand. To this day though, we’ll exchange the occasional call or email, but she is not a believer of any type of social media or even the idea of cell phones. She is, however, a huge advocate of human rights and the care for women. She is actually the FIRST woman of color to become a Midwife in the ENTIRE state of Wisconsin!!

That. Is. Amazing.

I saved up some money in college and visited her for a few days back in 2005 to celebrate our 21st + 22nd birthdays together. A close friend of hers bought her and I both a ticket to the Neko Case concert. He was a huge fan of her music, and the ticket was waiting for me even before I had arrived. I had never heard of her before, and this guy didn’t even know me at all. The concert was absolutely amazing, and when I later thanked him for getting the ticket he told me not to worry about it. He said, “Sometimes it’s nice to get something special from someone you don’t even know.”

Call me crazy, but that has always stayed with me. Whenever I have the opportunity to volunteer, like for my local Habitat for Humanity, I think about that very message. And I keep waiting for my moment to buy a ticket for someone else that doesn’t know me like that.

So needless to say, Wisconsin will always have a small place in my heart.

P.S.– And Yes. In case you were wondering, the post title was definitely a steal from That 70’s Show. Although you probably weren’t wondering that at all.

textile architects

Handmade Portraits: Alabama Chanin
from Etsy on Vimeo.

I’d say almost half of flight attendants I meet at work have degrees and a few even a military background. I’ve met nurses, tax accountants, lawyers, police officers, corporate heavies, and the list rolls on. In common, these women claim to have turned to flying because they desired to see the world, break of the monotony, and/or simply fulfilling a life dream. In my best moments, I have made peace with the fact that I probably will never become a licensed architect.  (My worst moments are when my student loan payment rolls around!) But I find architecture in everything. Sewing is essentially a beautiful process of creating, drafting + building. And from the time my hands were little things, they have enjoyed making + building.

Legos > Barbie Dolls.

The last two days I called out sick, so I plucked a book or two from my library for new inspiration since I’ve been home.  I feel like I’m always trying to buy something new, but sometimes you already have the best resources in front of you. ‘Printing By Hand‘ is a very nice handbook for textile printing, and I just can’t get enough of Natalie of Alabama Chanin + her books. Her works are absolutely gorgeous + she inspires me so much!


you’ve been missed

(Top: One of my fave music artists, Santigold, in this month’s SPIN magazine. Just saw her couple weeks ago at Houston House of Blues for my 29th birthday!! Bottom: Temporarily based in Portland, OR for 5 days. It’s the Austin of the north. Bike/pedestrian-friendly + relaxed vibe + tax-free-on-all-goods = I could totally live there. Walking with my groceries back to the hotel.)

If I had to narrow myself down as one or the other, I would classify myself as an introvert. Anybody that knows me well could probably see that. I listen rather well to folks, so I end up saying very little in conversation unless consciously directed to. I’m overall pretty quiet (at least a first) in group settings, and I tend to eat out by myself more often than I’d like to admit — I’m really ok with that though. I used to always get told that I come off  as “shy”.

Yeah ok. Maybe. But on the other hand, do you know what is strangely one of my fave parts of flying? Doing the freaking ANNOUNCEMENTS. Girrrrrrrl just give me that phone/mic thing and I will smile big and just rattle off my statements calmly and cooly. And no, I surely don’t hide behind anything. I face front and center to my audience, especially if I’m on the aircraft as the sole flight attendant. Odd right?

You speak all of the time, so in turn you essentially get used to the voice of yourself you hear in your head. Remember the first time you ever recorded yourself and thought, ‘is that what I really sound like?’.  In our training we of course practice the announcements, but it’s a jaunting experience to hear yourself amplified in an enclosed cabin. There are many flight attendants I’ve met that loathe doing that part. I’m so comfortable with my voice now; I actually used to mumble a lot more and I do less now. However, if it’s karaoke – you can’t FIND me.

Eh, I guess it’s kind of a pointless story. I miss telling those though. More mundanity + diy goodness to come.

***Side note – As I was re-reading this, I just wanted to set the record straight. I’m not socially inept or a total mute with passengers or anything. People do actually find me rather charming 😉

such great heights

Shooting directly into the sun’s glare. I don’t recall where I was going this day.

Flying into San Francisco. Gradually approaching the runway (see the long piece of land extending into the water)

I get asked if I’m afraid to fly quite often. I’m always on my best behavior in uniform, so I don’t raise my eyebrow nor shoot a look of confusion their direction. I simply reply, “Nope. I never have.” [Cue smile]

I’ve been non-stop flying since a few days before Christmas. I counted how many flights I’ve taken this last week (from Monday to Monday) – 29 flights. I worked 26 of those.

Right now I’m sitting here in my hotel room on a layover in Klamath Falls, OR. It’s not an exciting place as far as I can tell. However, I just remember how this time last year I was complaining how I never go anywhere. Sometimes a few years would go by before I would take a trip anywhere out of the state of Texas. Now I fly more than I drive, I see snow on an ‘almost’ regular basis, and I literally talk to hundreds of new faces a few times a week. Oh, and I saw my first celebrity sighting two days ago (in LAX of course). I walked right past Khloe Kardashian and all of these flashing lights as she was exiting security. She’s a much more petite gal in person. Another flight attendant I know had Ryan Gosling on her flight and HE insisted they take a picture together (!!!!!!) SOOOOO JEALOUS!!! Haha.

What a difference a year can make.

Make plans for yourself, but don’t be afraid to open yourself to new and different opportunities. There are no re-dos in life. I’m learning this now – just GO for it.

early november is different everywhere

 Second night: Denver airport looking out terminal window. Getting back from a brief and not-so-picture-worthy overnight in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

 Next morning: First snow day in Saskatoon, Canada captured from my hotel window.

Following early afternoon: Exploring Old Fisherman’s Wharf on a sunny yet sweater-necessary day. Just a mere mile hike from the hotel in Monterey, California. I woke up too late to catch the Whales boat tour.

And today is Thanksgiving already. I don’t know who is stealing all of the time, but they really need to stop being a jerk and give it back. I miss my family and my friends more than I thought I would. But it’s okay. I’m grateful for them, that they are in good health, and that my travels thus far have all been safe ones.

Tomorrow I’ll be here checking if the nearby Boston Market will be open and crossing my fingers I don’t get assigned a trip. Wish me luck and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! xoxo



when i watch PAN AM i think of you

Since Pan Am aired I’ve had 3 different friends tell me this. Whenever anyone that I haven’t spoken to for a while asks how I am doing, it’s in a tone that is a few notches above the normal excited that I’m used to. I know they are expecting unbelievable stories of unruly passengers and extraordinarily odd situations that I don’t have to tell. I also get asked a many strange Keanu Reeves type what-would-you-do questions regarding airline protocol, and I’ve performed my “your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device” speech with the full on hand gestures for friends and family on more than one occasion. Yes, I do point with two fingers when showing the over-wing exits, and I too find myself speaking in that calm, Stepford Wife-esque flight attendant voice. I think it just comes with the job.

And it’s hard to explain how this job kinda works since I think it’s safe for most everyone to assume that I fly all the time. I would totally assume the same, however right now I’m going on day 15 without being called out for a flight (!!!) But not only is this a slower time for travel, that’s just what happens sometimes when you are on Reserve. These positions are granted to the lowest in seniority, and you are there to take over a trip that is previously assigned to another senior flight attendant who is unable to complete the trip for whatever reason. Those of us on reserve are given a string of days (usually 4-5 in a row) that we’re on-call. My shift on these days means that I have to be available to work a flight within a 2-hour, or sometimes less, notice. This doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house, just means you should be already packed for a possible 4 day trip, not too far from the airport, and constantly tethered to your cell phone.

I’m just trying to keep it real on this blog. Let’s just say that Fresno isn’t the most happening place in California to be honest, but on days when I’m just waiting on a possible call, window shopping passes the time nicely. At least I intended on window shopping this day. Urban Outfitters had a 50% off what was already marked down sale. Couldn’t help myself.

 Urban Outfitters crochet tank, $9.99 (regularly $44)

I loved this crocheted top. No idea how I’ll wear it yet, but if I can find something that I can’t make that is unique AND an inexpensive quality find, I’m definitely all for it. I bought another similar black crochet dolman-sleeve top for equally cheap, but it didn’t photograph too well in the dressing room :/

So YAY I guess for not being called that day. Everyday I don’t know what to think of this job. My roommates and I have this discussion somedays after we’ve wasted an entire day watching reality tv shows on a reserve day. I’m out here and I’ve got nothing figured out. But I have to constantly remind myself that these are probably some of the moments that ‘fond days’ are made of.