Tokyo in 3 minutes video

Konichiwa! Tokyo is definitely a great city to visit anytime of the year, but this time I had my heart set on visiting during the cherry blossom season. Unfortunately my friend and I were a week late for it AND it rained the first 2 days of our visit -_-

But no worries! We made the best of our trip and I scoured the drugstores and markets bringing some goodies back for my friends. I usually bring boxes of flavored Kit-Kats, but this time I decided it would be fun to try out a few Japanese beauty products instead!

Also on this visit, I got a chance to stuff my face at the Tsukiji fish market, which is THE largest wholesale fish market in the entire world!


That’s sweet egg on a stick with a radish-based sauce? Whatever it was, it was seriously bomb. If you are curious about the street foods in the market, you can see a few food porn pics on my IG account.

Just to let you know that in this video of course I’m all about THE FOODS; from touch-screen sushi to the fish market finds. But care to see my swanky capsule hotel and some clips around the big city? Check out my latest visit smashed into 3 minutes!


Till nextime! xo

death of a macbook + birth of a new project

kc1 kc2DIY circle scarves I made for 3 lucky new email subscribers for the launch
of my new natural hair site, Kinked & Coiled!

First let’s all bow our heads and acknowledge the bad news *sigh* My dear, dear Macbook. So many good times we’ve had. So expensive you were are. You can never be replaced (mostly because I just can’t afford you right now, or maybe ever again).  Although all of the hundreds of pictures, music, and other data files are now lost, your last remaining bill payments continue to live on with me every month. But you lived a good life. 5.5 Mac years is like 92 in human years. I can only hope we can soon meet again on the other side (i.e. I hope some Apple store Genius can save my data!!)

R.I.P. Macbook (2008 – 2013)

That’s merely part of the reason why this update comes so late. Lately I’ve working on my mom’s old laptop that doesn’t like being moved, breathes hard, suffers from perpetual hot flashes, and has to permanently stay attached to the wall. If this one dies in my care, I just don’t know WHAT I will do. But I throw those complaints mostly in good fun. I’m more than thankful for the use of this machine!

Not backing up your data is a hard lesson, but I just gotta move on. Right before it died I had the idea to begin an email newsletter about my kinda hair – very kinky, coily, textured in nature. I always feel great writing thoughts + sharing my ideas in post on here, but I also wanted to write about something that I was genuinely interested in learning more about – my own hair. And to anyone that has always managed their “natural” God-given hair type since birth, I just know that sounds rather silly. I’ve chemically straightened my hair for so long, all I know is how to deal with straight hair. But when you’ve now got something to deal with that is closer to a Brillo pad than a horse’s tail in texture, the learning curve is steep. I just know I’m not alone in that.

So lately I’ve been doing much research, collecting my thoughts, and making circle scarves for the official launch of If you are interested at all, definitely sign-up or at least check it out 🙂

Last order of business to mention is Thanksgiving! I was lucky enough to get the day off this time since I spent the holiday alone in Milwaukee last year. I told my mom that I would let her off the hook and cook the entire spread myself. She is very grateful. I, on the other hand, am very scared. What have I done?? The fam has already been warned that this will not be a grand affair. And since I actually work a flight to Charlotte, NC + back today, my lack of prep time is scarier and scarier.

Alas, here’s the menu I’m planning:

Of course I got bread rolls, the cranberry sauce, and maybe I’ll bake off a few sweet potatoes for good measure. But that’s it! I’ll definitely share how it goes, but let me know your plans/how it turned out in the comments. I’d love to hear it.

Happy Thanksgiving you guys 🙂

home grown goodness




 Freshly picked cherry tomatoes with store-bought raw kale I already had in my fridge.





My bell peppers are absolutely gorgeous!

In all truth, my garden is going through a hard time right now. As hot as it’s getting and for someone that has rarely been home as of late, it’s truly rewarding to see what can take place with a little dirt, sun, water + minimal care. I am cultivating my own FOOD on my balcony. You guys, this fact alone blows my mind.

My plants that are doing the best are kept in the self-watering planters I purchased from Walmart. I can’t recommend those enough!

something good can work

Moxie’s grill/bar in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been here a couple times on layovers and this is probably one of my favorite burgers thus far in my 29 years! It’s the ‘Mediterranean’ with basil pesto, feta + goat cheese. The burger patty is well seasoned and the consistency of a nice meat loaf. SO good.

Watching a free showing of Pretty in Pink at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston, TX. I was too ashamed to tell my friends that I had never this awesome 80’s classic before!! Blankets on the lawn, sangria in thermoses, and bags of already popped popcorn. Perfect weather, perfect company.

Le. Sigh. This is about as far as I am in the decorating process for the main living area. Plus some Ikea shelving on the opposite wall that you can’t see. I ordered this off-white couch/futon from Walmart of all places, but the reviews were great, it was affordable for me, and thankfully it’s only available online. The bottom line is I’ve got big plans + a small wallet so the update on this room makeover will be coming ever so slowly, haha. All in all, living on my own is fantastic!

I’ve been making more meals at home and hence eating healthier meals. I struck gold on one of my flights and picked up the October issue of Real Simple magazine with a feature for 10 ideas for kale. (If you don’t know about how good kale is for you, I highly recommend you read up!) I made the kale, broccoli, and feta sauté. It’s very quick, nutritious and delicious especially if you are a fan of Greek food like myself.

Toronto, again. Taking pics of the style I’ve been wearing lately. It keeps well + looks professional when I work….I met Spike Lee on the flight I worked from Houston to Austin my first day or two sporting this look. He was the first to walk on the plane; he smiled big, extended his hand to shake mine and then says, “You look like you’re from Brooklyn.”

I have no idea what that means exactly.

But at the end of the flight he asked me what school I went to + said I looked like Maya Angelou when she was young (!!!!)

WUT!? SO taking that as a compliment!

And THEN about a week later in the same month (September) I spot Robert Horry in O’hare airport (!!!!!)
Back in the day when the Houston Rockets were exceptional, he was my fave player on the team! I barely make it to that man’s shoulders.

Last but not least THIS FREAKING PARKA!!!!! (I know, I know, I realize I overdo it with the caps + exclamations – I don’t yell this much in real life….truth.) I pinned this goodness a few days ago. It’s a daunting looking pattern to me, especially seeing as I don’t have much experience with Burda patterns. But this one is worth making a practice one first out of muslin…..UGH I hate doing that because I’m lazy + I want results yesterday. Can’t afford to mess up a good 4.5 yards of good fabric though!

Right now, I’m thinking this parka in a Canary or Mustard yellow. Ya know. Something a bit brighter for the Fall/Winter season. I’d like to think of it as a much louder khaki.

So in closing, I know this probably should’ve been a few posts, but I obviously haven’t updated in a month so. there.

Also, the title of this post doesn’t make much sense I suppose. It’s actually the title of a Two Door Cinema Club song + the remix of that song has just been added to my ever-growing workout mix.

WHY do I feel the need to over-explain myself? Annnnd I’m yelling again. Gah!

i miss vegetables

Beef Stew (recipe here)

My diet is horrible. Like awful. With the traveling I do, I surrender myself to eating out on way too many occasions. I’m also ashamed to admit that the majority of these menus require looking up and picking a number.

Here’s a perfect example:

Christmas Eve.
Cinnamon raisin bagel in the morning (home)
Cheese Burger and fries w/ ranch (LAX)
Cheese Burger and fries AGAIN (In-and-Out, Carlsbad, CA….only place open!!)

Christmas Day.
No breakfast.
Turkey sandwich on a croissant (Provided by hotel)
Coffee cake (munching while waiting on late aircraft at Carlsbad airport)
Asian-ribs with sweet sauce for dinner (ordered at hotel bar after landing, Los Angeles)

Day after Christmas.
(Woke up after noon)
Cheese burger and fries w/ ranch…yes AGAIN (Hotel room service)
Cup of chili and order of small fries for dinner (Wendy’s after landing in Fresno, CA)

Oh. And the next day my roommate treated me out to Hawaiian barbeque!! I had homemade tacos last night….the list of bad things just goes on!!  I can’t tell you the last time I had a raw vegetable (besides those thrown on a burger). I eat lots of sweets and thanks to being around carbonated beverages all day, I’ve been drinking soda again. I haven’t been exercising either. I haven’t eaten this bad since the start of college, and I feel downright disgusting. I just REFUSE to go into the new year like this.

Making beef stew from scratch is a perfect start. No crap food. A hearty homemade soup made with real vegetables. It felt nice to be in the kitchen making a worthwhile meal, and there’s plenty more than enough for my roommates when they get here tomorrow.

Got any New Year’s resolutions for yourself?