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King Textiles in Toronto, Ontario fashion district.

Oh you know, just holding up some beautiful chiffon fabric I scored in Toronto’s fashion district up to the light pouring in my hotel room like a familiar scene straight from the Lion King or something.  Yeah, I was that proud. Only thing is, I have NO idea how to actually work with chiffon.

Hashtag. HELP.

But first things first is this blasted high-waist shorts pattern. I’ve been at home ill since Sunday, so I haven’t given it much thought besides the feeling of giving up, lol. I’m starting to feel better though, so maybe I’ll give it another go. Because if not, I can always use the fabric for a crop top or something just as equally anti-fall season-ish.

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  1. that fabric is STUPENDOUS. i just worked with a metric ton of silk chiffon…and i learned most of all that i need to take my time. i don’t know if yours is silk, but if it is mine loved a #10 microtex schmetz needle, mercerized cotton thread, and french seams. i can’t wait to see what you make, including those shorts!

    1. Thanks!! Not sure if it’s silk???? I’m thinking not, but sincerely THANK YOU for the heads up on the needle-changing and thread lookout. I would’ve been up the creek because I usually don’t even think to change up the threads especially. I will definitely be going slow for sure, and the french seams are definitely a must 🙂

  2. Also when you cut your pattern out, make a sandwich of tissue paper, fabric then pattern on top! The tissue paper will keep your chiffon from slip sliding all over the place! That fabric is gorgeous!

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