in living color

At Pier One Imports for inspiration. I just love these colorful tufted floor cushions.

Using some stashed fabric + new fabrics to pattern-mix.

Plan to use this embroidery thread to add a repeated running-stitch detail.

Bringing one side of the unfinished pillow cover to work. A big ziplock bag keeps everything together + fits nicely into an overnight bag.

Not gonna lie here – pattern mixing kind of scares me. I’m so minimalist at times. I love bright bold colors, but I work best with neutrals with that one or two choice pops of strong colors. But I am SO very drawn to the “global” styles that Pier One Imports or even Target at times offer. The utter chaos of these fabric patterns just placed next to the other can just come together to be a strong + simple statement piece to add flair to a space. I’ve been lacking “flair” for the longest in my apartment. I can’t decide on a color scheme, nor can I afford most of the pillows that I really want at Pier One.

So since a big throw pillow is such a good start for the new year (not to mention one of my many unfinished projects I need to finish) I am determined to see this through…..regardless of how un-cute this could turn out. It’s a big 26″ x 26″ square pillow, so it’s going to definitely do SOMETHING in this all-white space.

Laying over in Salt Lake City tomorrow. It’s going to be ridiculously cold + I’m staying inside my hotel room to work on the hand-sewing. I cannot wait to show you how the finished product. Regardless of how it turns out – I’m posting it AND putting it on my couch! So stay tuned, haha.

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  1. I like where you’re going with this pillow! I’m with you on neutrals, but being drawn to bright colors/patterns. I don’t know what do to with my own living room either! You should check out Apartment Therapy’s “design style” categories to get some ideas. The “Electic Collector” style seems to be the direction you’re going. There are a lot of apartment/house tours with funky, mismatched decorating vibes:

  2. I can definitely relate to what you’re talking about. I find that true even with my yarn collection. I have now added these vibrant colors, but haven’t dared to merge them together. I have to remind myself to think of the beautiful saris in the jewel tones. I also feel that my personal wardrobe doesn’t truly reflect my love for color and prints. I wear lots of black and brown when I’m drawn to batiks and African prints and such. Gotta branch out. I want my outside to match my inside.

    BTW, I also love World Market for the same reasons I love Pier 1. 🙂

    1. LIBBY sometimes it’s like we are sisters from another mister girl. I too feel like I wear a lot of drab or lifeless colors, when the inner me just wants to let my freak flag fly on the color-wheel, haha. Merge those yarn colors!! Branching out is definitely a must!

      I keep hearing good things about World Market too! It’s a little farther away from where I live, but I just need to finally go already.

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